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How many children are enough for happiness?

Ya I am not going to tire you with any introduction about the happy childhood. I will ask to answer couple of questions only.

You love children?

To do or bring up??

There are no doubts, the first process is sweet and pleasant. The second, alas, - is burdensome and responsible. And, if not the second, we would repeat the first again and again.

But! The sane person living not today`s, and even not in the afternoon the future concerns him. And unless businessmen before being engaged in business, do not count prospect of the development? Still as count! So why not to make it to parents. Children are business too. Our happiness depends on their number and quality of education. Or not?

Eternal sowers who have a receiving pleasures and the responsibility arising at the same time are not crossed, we will leave alone. Not to us to judge their acts. Long ago it is checked, in the most unexpected, the world and for them at the most inappropriate moment will fail.

So, suppose, you agree also to the second (who will refuse the first!) . In that case there is the following question. Skolkoma to get rebyatyonka? In the people speak: One son - not the son, two sons

- the half-son, three sons - the son
. On what option it is better to stop?

Everything in this life should be tried! Therefore almost all agree to one.

About the second - reflect. Carefully everything is weighed and counted.

Are solved the few. Because the age difference between children plays a large role. Experts give number in six - seven years, reasoning with the fact that the woman`s organism during this time will get stronger and will be restored. But actually business was in another. Yes, about fifteen years ago, when nobody yet actively did career, hurried anywhere when there was no general fashion on nurses, this difference was the most acceptable. Sending the first child to the first class, mother left or already sat in the decree with the second. In families where grandmothers were absent, the issue of control over the first grader was so resolved. Already senior helped to break a school barrier to the second child.

Presently for harmony such gap is already too big. Considering unreliability of modern men, in the majority of preferring

civil marriages, young mothers make secure and do not wish to leave

work for so long term. It is difficult to build career after twenty five, with two children - it is even more difficult. Therefore, significantly reducing time between the first and a rebirth, began to keep within four - five years. It is hard to say from what it is easier for modern woman to refuse - the man or career. Thank God, yet do not refuse children!

And here the third child in a family most often appears owing to the developed circumstances if the first two - sons, and parents dream of the daughter. And

on the contrary.

Of course, large families and on calling meet. On three usually do not stop. There is so much children in such families, to the top of the bent. The soul, as we know, flies in clouds. Dreams of glory. Also inspires parents to go on records - treasured to get a medal! By the way, and why medal and glory only to mothers? Men are involved in process too. Fathers, for you it is not offensive?

Fathers nobly are silent. However, are rushed off the feet, digging up resources for

of that a family such to support. The generosity of government

promises is boundless that cannot be told about execution of it.

I am very glad for such families. However confuses me in a possession of many children such

supervision. The children who grew up in large families in own family

are limited only to one child, extremely seldom two. Why they wish to repeat not

happy as they try to present to us, destiny

of the parents. Why the child is not given many brothers and sisters? what all of them - hold back


And if it is serious, having rejected all joking aside, arrive, as in the song,

think, solve how many children in the family to have .

Happiness and harmony yours semm.