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Who are they, our Guardian angels?

the Orthodox Church considers that the Guardian angel is the invisible spirit put by God to each person since his baptism. I will not argue with this fact, but, knowing about that how many small children were saved from death and different accidents in the most unexpected ways, I will dare to be based that the doctrine about guardian angels extra religious. I apologize in advance to all who do not agree with it. But nevertheless I read to

In the childhood the fairy tale in which it was told about how one orthodox couple which is passionately wishing to have children, asked God. Their prayer was in that the baby who at them was born lived at least 40 days, and they could christen him that it had a Guardian angel, and after death it got to God. Their desire was caused by the fact that all children who were born at them died before achievement of this age, thereby their souls suffered at the crossroads roads as non-Christian the way to God is closed.

This history made indelible impression on me. And when I had to suffer happy torments of birth of my kid, to me the Guardian angel came and told: Be not afraid, I am with you and with your boy. Everything is good. We together .

After that I all heart felt that the Guardian angel it is appointed to everyone from the moment of the birth or conception irrespective of religion. There are no scientific proofs on this matter yet therefore everyone has the right to believe in what he is trusted it in. As they say, you will not order to heart. And only it always directs us on the correct way if we, of course, listen to its councils.

Our Guardian angels are with us day and night, they protect us from troubles, direct us on the correct way, help us with difficult situations and inform of our prayers God. Grant our desires, care for ours health and the first meet us after death.

In our forces to answer them with good good, care on care, love on love.

our Guardian angels want to see us happy. And if we believe in their existence, we appeal to them, we thank them for fulfillment of desires and support in any undertakings, for the help and love, then they become stronger and their help becomes more and more notable.

Guardian angels are divine beings who are allocated with unconditional love and boundless opportunities. If you want that they became stronger and helped you as often as possible, then listen, please, to the following councils. They surely will help you.

Council the first. Get acquainted with them closer. to do to

of Best everything it before going to bed. Accept a convenient pose, relax, release all alarms of day past, close eyes, make a deep breath and an exhalation. Present that you go on the seashore, quiet evening shrouds you in the heat, the shine of stars lights to you a way, gloss of the moon conceals in itself tenderness, warm sand and the tender sea touch your legs. To you it is good and quiet. And only one thought turns at you in the head: Everything is good. And it will be even better .

Stop for a minute, turn back back, you are followed by your Guardian angel. Present it what it has to be on your representation. Greet it, thank for the fact that it always preserves you. Also invite him to go with you nearby.

Here you go together with the Angel near. Sometime you could dream of it? Tell it about yourself, about the grieves and pleasures, about the doubts, alarms. About the hopes and desires. That you feel that you think that you want. Do not hesitate, do not deceive, do not hide anything. Just talk to it. He is your friend, your closest assistant, the one who loves you most

Thank him for the evening spent together with you. You can ask it for suggestions or the answer to the question concerning you. Then present that you leave at night. Make a deep breath and an exhalation. Open eyes.

The answer to your question will come to you in the next few days. Perhaps, it will be a line in the book, maybe, you will meet the necessary person or will hear the hint from dialogue of other people. But when it happens, you surely will understand that it and is the answer to your question.

Council of the second. Ask them about the help.

Having woken up early in the morning, thank Life for the fact that you have it, ask the Guardian angel to be near you today, to preserve, help, to edify. If any important issue is necessary to you, ask about the help, and tell at a difficult moment: My angels with me .

Only do not forget that Angels do for us everything that serves our true benefit and rescue. Therefore your intentions have to be directed only for a good cause for the sake of all the best on Earth, and desires to be executed in the best way for all who have any relation to them.

Council the third. You do not spoil them life.

Angels - trembling and gentle beings. They do not take out a tobacco smoke, swear words, loud music, an alcoholic or narcotic dope. And in general very much are negative to any manifestations of the negligent attitude towards you and your health. From negative power they are ill their force becomes weaker and your desires cease to be granted...

Therefore your thoughts have to be pure, intentions kind, and desires wise.

Council the fourth. Address them as often as possible.

The more often you ask them about the help, the more often you talk to them, answer with gratitude their care, the they become stronger. The quicker your desires are granted.

Council the fifth. You thank them.

you Thank for everything. First of all for the fact that you have them. To you is now to whom to talk to whom to consult for whom to open soul and heart. They will always hear your appeal and will help you. You remember, their opportunities are boundless.