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Why Khrushchev wanted to take away the earth from peasants?

on March 4, 1951 in the " newspaper; Truth there was article which caused on the same day such rough surge in emotions which in Russia did not remember since cancellation of a serfdom. The first secretary of the Moscow regional party committee, the secretary of the Central Committee of CPSU Nikita Sergeyevich Khrushchev became her author.

Than excited people of performance of one of leaders, future secretary general? In To the Truth Khrushchev stated the project of creation of agrogorod instead of villages! How here not to remember Ilf and Petrov`s ironical slogan that the iron horse will succeed a country horse!

What there were Nikita Sergeyevich`s ideas? It defended a course towards creation of the large, well mechanized farms where not peasants, but agricultural workers had to work. He assumed to lodge these workers there (already even not peasants, and not collective farmers), having taken away from them completely economy and thus having exempted them from private-ownership psychology. This course the ultimate goal had rapprochement of the city and village, elimination of petty-bourgeois remnants in peasantry life.

What most of all excited people? The fact that they were suggested to be lodged in stone skyscrapers having selected practically all earth and an opportunity to look after living creatures. Yes, someone can be dreamed of own bathtub and soul, and also about conveniences directly in the apartment, but not on the street. But unless such fruits of a civilization can replace pair milk, the crackling cucumbers from a bed, a shkvorchaniye of pink fat on a frying pan on which fried eggs are roasted? Vigorous singing of roosters at dawn?

It is impossible to dismiss also the fact that in all city and rural clubs at that time people were demented by the magnificent musical ode to a collective-farm system - Kuban Cossacks! appeared in hire in 1949. A man`s half of the country was hopelessly in love with Marina Ladynina`s heroine in those days - the chairman of collective farm, and female - dreamed of Gordey Vorona who was brilliantly played by Sergey Lukyanov!

Yes, in many collective farms and state farms and in mention was not this varnished picture, everything was gray more likely and is hopeless, but was where to aspire! And it was the politician Stalin!

Once he, still in 30 - e years, arrived to an exhibition of achievements of a national economy and having seen faded fruit, vegetables, greens there, bawled out to the people`s commissar Benediktov, the curator of an exhibition.

That began to come true supposedly so far production goes by rail and then is checked in laboratory, it loses a trade dress!

- to Carry only by planes! - Stalin cut off. - People have to see what they have to aspire to! Will look at huge bright tomatoes and will tell: And unless we cannot such grow up? .

But we will return to article in To the Truth . What it was necessary at this particular time for? March - month when in the southern regions of the country with might and main there is a preparation for the veseena - to field works, the people has to be encouraged by something, show enthusiasm miracles! And the cold winter which in some regions dragged on cast only uniform melancholy. And than it is possible to bring people? Yes at least what at first to publish harmful article, and then to act with a dethronement it the wrong position! The right course prompted in due time by Mikhail Bulgakov. You remember? Session of black magic and its exposure?

Counter-measures followed immediately! Already next day in the same To the Truth other article, with specification was published that it was talked not of concrete undertaking but only about the beginning of discussion.

Still after a while when heat of passion reached apogee, Khrushchev as the sacrificial innocent person was put on sacrifice: loudly declared that the secretary of the Central Committee of CPSU of comrade Khrushchev is discharged of the management of agriculture. As we know from history, this discharge continued very short time because after Stalin`s death Nikita Sergeyevich got up at a country wheel.

Construction plans of agrogorod became first signs in series of the subsequent mistakes of Khrushchev in agriculture. They as a litmus piece of paper showed essence strategist Khrushchev - he needed some large, obvious projects. So was, for example, with development of a virgin soil. How many there was vbukhano forces and means, historians and economists know! But it is not figures - development of a virgin soil went due to reduction of attention to Ukraine, Non-Black Earth Region. Perhaps, these investments would have far bigger effect, develop the secretary general these regions. But then Khrushchev would not be Khrushchev!

In principle, the course with exposure wrong Khrushchev was safe! Peasants did not forget that at the initiative of the first secretary of the Central Committee of the Communist Party of Ukraine N. S. Khrushchev in 1948 the Decree of Presidium of the Supreme Council of the USSR " was adopted; About eviction to the remote regions of persons, it is malicious evading from work in agriculture and leading an antisocial parasitic life .

46,8 thousand collective farmers and members of their families underwent eviction in 1948 - 1953. At first sight, it is a little. But on a platoon there were much more people, than these thousands. The decree became the tool by means of which it was possible even to settle scores! What could lead new " to; initiative Khrushchev who decided to take away everything from peasants it is simple to guess

Fortunately, it is already far in the past!

What lesson can be taken out from this party small party? First of all, before taking the initiative, it is necessary to weigh properly everything for and against estimating all consequences of this step. In - the second to be ready to the fact that you can to use the powers that be for achievement of the purposes. But the main thing - most often the initiative is punishable