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Why you should not order cosmetics according to catalogs?

Psychology of the woman - science strange and inconsistent. In - the first, we love, to be engaged sometimes in so useless things that to ourselves we wonder. We think out to ourselves different hobby, rest, and other entertainments which can bring us pleasure, but in it it is not enough advantage. One of such hobbies, it to order cosmetics according to catalogs. For many women it is a peculiar ceremony and even a certain way of life.

Many women and girls with so strange attachment to catalog cosmetics even create forums and communicate on the Internet, discussing novelties and discounts of cosmetics according to the catalog, here several statements that it became clear to you that I mean:

The bitch to me is pleasant to order

according to the catalog much more! You stay at home, you smell samplers... In a quiet situation you count... And everything is OK!

Olya - la

Ya very much I love this cosmetics, I order usually according to catalogs which directly home send me. I adore, mascara, toilet water, all bathroom at me is forced by creams for a shower and a body, for hands and a face. Larisa

A to me is pleasant to order

according to catalogs, to examine pictures. Even itself it was registered recently, and in two firms.

But to these I do not exclude walk on shops. At me there is a lot of cosmetics and other firms. I agree with it. The most important, it is possible to do without various beauty shops. To do everything in house conditions. And it is pleasant to itself, and the purse is not so deprived. Only recently tried still a peeling after a bath - a thing amazing!!! Recently there was a problem from a stupnyama (I mean, skin coarsened) after house session - there was many pleasure.

With what such cosmetics attracts women?

1. catalog, this paper kingdom of perfumery, cosmetics, accessories and costume jewelry. On pages of the catalog everything is glamourous and, as they say, is pleasing to the eye. High quality of the catalog defines successful distribution of the offered cosmetics.

Different discounts , of a special offer, sale . Usually it is the period, holiday boom when it is necessary to do a huge number of gifts, and discounts and sales very much flatter clients. It can be several options such zamanukh . Buy two means at the price of one, buy one, receive the second as a gift, buy on N the sum and you can get, usually something from costume jewelry at a discount in 50%. Such offers usually do not remain unaddressed, sometimes women simply - naprosto wait for them, and then buy up everything.

3. Color . Usually the producer lets out a cosmetic series in uniform color scale, it does cosmetics more solid and original. The magic of color of registration of cosmetics plays not the last role in distribution. Here the reminder factor works.

4. Competitions , actions, letters of readers, polls, clinical trials. Any information mention of firm - producers creates positive reputation. And good reputation, it, first of all, trust.

5. Novelties perfumery, decorative cosmetics and other. It is always a holiday and good mood.

And such ardor sometimes does not allow the woman to consider concrete shortcomings and advertizing tricks of firms of producers.

On what, all - it is worth paying attention?

In - the first , the subject size in the catalog most often is more true. For example, the pencil, cream or a bottle of perfume actually turn out such small that reduced price it is quite pertinent. The size and volume of goods so not " is always specified in catalogs of solid firms; be bought on the increased drawing.

In - the second, very popular method to slightly deceive the buyer - to place nearby (on one page, a turn) jars of the identical size on paper, but different volume actually. And then behind the words any for 99 rubles there is a difference, shampoo - 500 ml for 99 rubles, but unattractive, or shampoo of 250 ml for the same 99 rubles, but good design and color execution. Most likely (about 250 ml) nobody will notice the main information. In this case benefit - to sell not that shampoo which for some reasons pushes away a look (the picture in this case can be specially indistinct and pale), and to sell party of bottles on 250 ml.

In - the third , compliance to color scale. Often lipstick is far from your, beloved color which you at last found in the catalog. For selection of varnishes and lipstick in tone use special codes, and upon purchase of voice-frequency and decorative cosmetics - tables of correspondences of flowers. The best and reliable option - at first to order a sampler of lipstick, cream or varnish. But all the same, be careful, often even samplers do not correspond to the original. Such costs of production can strike if it is too expensive, then on vanity it precisely. Women in the choice of cosmetics are very whimsical.

The fourth , and the most interesting. Advertisers studied psychology of the person so in detail that can impose us the opinion. To force you to buy goods simply - it is only necessary to play with paints, an arrangement, the text and the price.

the price is the most important than other characteristics for many. Surprisingly, but fact: the mentality of most of people is arranged so that the difference between 100 and 99,99 seems huge. If it is about money - one kopek (though the ruble protects) turns in our consciousness into ten rubles! Yes, quite so. Really mathematicians of the whole world badly teaches the wards: rounding 99, 99 in due form of arithmetics would lead to emergence of two zero - 100. But in the opinion of the reader of the catalog 99, 99 there are 90!!! This nonsense is even proved by psychologists. And choosing between the price with a comma and a lump sum, we subconsciously rush on the first.

Sooner or later fans of cosmetics according to the catalog become more reserved in the choice of cosmetics. Usually it is promoted by disappointment in this or that cosmetic product.


Earlier, I sometimes ordered, but now was disappointed in orders according to the catalog, a year I order nothing also any disappointments. It is much more interesting to go shopping, to smell, feel, try, the head sellers to pomorochit. Generally, I seeing that you buy!!!

Before a lot of things ordered

of Ksyusha, but somehow burned, now I do all this more rare and more rare. Such feeling that you buy a pig in a poke. I like most to go to choose that it was possible to smell, consider better, to try etc.

of Alain

Ya ceased to order according to the catalog too. Bothered to wait and the dekorativka ordered quite often disappoints (not that color). To be dragged on shops is sacred.

And here, having refused decorative cosmetics, more and more seldom you order beloved spirits or shower gels, and even went to choose a new dress with the girlfriend, and came back home with a decent package of cosmetics. As they say, everything is good in its season, to understand who fools you and who is really interested in your beauty. I wish you good luck!