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How the will becomes stronger and there is firm a character?

Word character came to Russian from Greek, in translation it means: sign, feature. If you were convinced that you without will and strong character will manage to achieve nothing in life, and decided to re-educate yourself, then, perhaps, some councils will help you to realize conceived.

For character building the purposes and tasks which you set for yourself have essential value. But, having set the purpose, it is necessary to be able to realize it, overcoming various difficulties, and the strong will - it - that for this purpose is required and is a basis of strong character.

Depending on the strong-willed qualities existing at the person either strong, or weak character therefore education of the will and character closely is among themselves connected is formed. Who can be considered as the strong-willed person with strong character? Of course, the one who, aligning the personal interests with public, achieves a goal, overcoming various obstacles, and, the they are more considerable, the will of the person is stronger.

How to form at itself strong will and strong character? These qualities are approved at the person, first of all, when overcoming various obstacles - internal and external. Internal obstacles are created by the person - his laziness, fearfulness, obstinacy, false vanity, shyness, passivity, doubts. External obstacles can be created from other people, difficulties of performance of a task, professional difficulties, etc.

For the statement of strong character needs to cultivate in themselves certain strong-willed lines, namely:

- adherence to principles;

- independence;

- commitment;

- determination;

- persistence;

- endurance and self-control;

- courage and courage. Do not disdain to begin to learn to be self-controlled from trifles - quite so and many celebrated strong personalities arrived, and gradually learned to hold itself in hand .

ADHERENCE TO PRINCIPLES. The person becomes basic and independent if subordinates the behavior to own beliefs, and, being able to understand critically someone else`s offers and councils, can reject or accept them with confidence correctness of the made decision.

COMMITMENT. Commitment is expressed in submission of behavior of the person of the steady purpose or to some private purposes and tasks proceeding from the purpose perspective. Examples of commitment can be found in biographies of many famous scientists: Lomonosov, Michurin, Pavlov, Tsiolkovsky, Queen

DETERMINATION. Determination is characterized by ability of the person to make crucial, reasonable decisions in special cases and to carry out them if demand circumstance, immediately.

PERSISTENCE. Ability up to the end to carry out the made decisions, overcoming various obstacles, characterizes the person as persistent. Persistence allows to move steadily to the purpose: To Begin, to sustain and resist !

ENDURANCE AND SELF-CONTROL. Ability of the person to control the behavior, constraining the feelings, not allowing rash actions, keeping cool, owning the mood, defines his endurance and self-control. The stood person is able to suppress forwardness in conversation and gesticulation, to avoid rough expressions and curses, not to give in to panic

COURAGE AND COURAGE. The general for courageous and courageous people is to umeniyepreodolevat fear, care, fear, ability to be ready to risky acts for the sake of achievement of the purpose. Courage assumes presence at the person not only courage, but also endurance, composure, persistence even in the face of deadly threats. Ostentatious recklessness, posing by an udalstvo and desperateness have with strong-willed courage nothing in common. The true courage and courage are, as a rule, connected with deliberation, composure and care. Alexander Vasilyevich Suvorov`s saying is instructive: Courage and care go by one horse .

All strong-willed traits of character are developed during the life, in continued work. The purposes which are set before himself by the person and at which achievement its strong-willed qualities and strong character are formed are very important: it can be professional skill, scientific activity, inventions, high sports results, etc. Any study, as a rule, represents excellent opportunities for exercises of strong-willed efforts.

Self-education is one of the most important conditions of formation of strong will and education of strong character. Understand conscious, independent work of the person on formation of strong strong-willed qualities and eradication of undesirable lines of the character or bad habits as self-education. One of the most important conditions of self-education is obligatory execution of the made decisions. Fidelity to the word is the best indicator of strong character and strong will.

With what it is necessary to begin education of strong will and strong character? It is the simplest to begin with achievement of not too difficult purposes, gradually complicating them. And advise the children. It will give the chance to strengthen self-confidence and to gain necessary experience. Decisions should be made after careful consideration and to be able to refuse them in case of the changed circumstances, not to go obstinate. If the decision continues to remain correct, then it is not necessary to refuse it from - for the arisen obstacles.

Your decisions have to be concrete, with a date of performance. If you decide to leave off smoking, appoint term: from tomorrow, from next week Never give to

promises if you feel that not in your forces to execute them, but if pledged the word, try to constrain it, without wasting in vain time and forces for unnecessary doubts. Your word has to be trusted! Never you fear failures and do not lose courage, you are not lazy to repeat attempts, and to you the success will surely come.

Very important condition of education of will power and strong character are self-checking and the critical relation to the acts. Also systematic training in overcoming of difficulties is of great importance. If you avoid them in everyday life, then, perhaps, be helpless at serious tests. Manage to overcome yourself and to admit own mistakes and defeats, to criticize publicly wrong behavior of the colleagues, friends - character so becomes tempered.

If at you it is unsuccessful with discipline, punctuality, with estimates, then begin with overcoming of these shortcomings. It is possible to form strong character and from development of positive habits: to do morning exercises, to monitor the speech, without allowing roughness, not to dare to luxuriate in the mornings in a bed after awakening. Apply self-encouragement to stimulation of strong-willed efforts, inspiring themselves, encouraging, inspiring belief in success, the forces, banishing thoughts of possible failure.

Work on yourself, dear friends, you teach the children to strengthen will, to improve character and protect the invaluable lives.