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What is the martial art - a board or a sword? Part 3. What to begin with?

the exercises Presented here and their descriptions will help you to prepare a body for the forthcoming loadings.

Ya I will not begin to stop in detail on exercises. More important - their impact on certain groups of muscles and understanding you what you do and for what.

The strong and trained body - it a little. It is necessary still to be able to own a body, to feel it in space. Especially, when performing special movements from what in everyday life we do not do. But all one after another.

Here the list of the exercises necessary to prepare a body for loadings:

Push-ups from a floor on fists . This exercise develops forward bunches of deltoid muscles of a shoulder, the top part of pectoral muscles, a long head of a triceps and strengthens wrists of hands. Partially influences a lower back and a press.

The deltoid muscle of a shoulder is responsible for a raising of a hand and its stable fixing in a certain situation when the hand is raised. At the time of drawing direct strokes a hand, this muscle experiences the maximum load. Respectively, the it stronger also is more hardy, the blow is stronger and more powerful. Do not forget and about protection - blocks have to be rigid to reflect blow or attack of the opponent of any force. Strong deltas are also sure blocks!

The top bunch of a pectoral muscle - a basis of direct and circular strokes hands, and also some blocks. For example, the direct stroke a hand is a pusher movement even if it is carried out with a high speed. The pectoral muscle has the maximum tension while your hand reaches the struck surface. If the muscle weak, then and blow is such. To the contrary, the pectoral muscle is stronger, the blow or the block is stronger and more powerful. Even the little push of the opponent in a breast can far reject both the opponent, and his thoughts of attack!

The long head of a triceps is a razgibatel of a hand. As all blows are carried out by hands on extension, the role of this muscle is obvious. But the strong triceps is not so much force of blows, how many speed of their drawing. The tricepses are stronger and is more hardy, the more sharply you counterattack and strike blows with hands.

Wrists . If you do not want to be injured at striking blows (even when you work with a boxing bag!) be always wrung out on fists. Strong wrists are a strong blow!

Squats . This exercise influences a chetyryokhglavy muscle of a hip (quadriceps) and partially gastrocnemius muscles.

Quadriceps - razgibatel of legs. Strong quadriceps are not only strong blows legs. More important what the strong and trained legs is a guarantee of your stability at the time of fight. If you uncertainly stand on the feet, then will not be able to react in due time to movements of the opponent or will quickly be tired during a duel. Besides, behind some exception, all blows legs are carried out also at extension. Therefore squats not less important exercise, than push-ups.

Exercise for gastrocnemius muscles . Practically we carry out all transitions and movements on tiptoe on tiptoe. Look how rearrange legs in transitions from one rack to another karatekas at Kat`s performance (a complex of movements, in translation from Japanese - a form) or heroes karatistsky fighters - softly and smoothly, as if catlike. It is a merit of gastrocnemius muscles. Besides, calves play an important role at the time of fixing of position of a leg when drawing, for example, direct (to Ma`a - Gehry) or circular (Mavasi - Gehry) kicks. So, the trained calves are simply necessary for you!

Stomach exercise and oblique muscles of a stomach . I recommend to do this exercise both in the morning and in the evening. The press and oblique muscles of a stomach is your core in space, force of blows and blocks, speed of movement and, the most important, ability to concentrate. At weak muscles of a stomach, you will not manage to coordinate the actions as it will be made by the trained opponent. Try not to concede to anybody! Otherwise, why to study martial art?

It is not the full list of exercises. It is good to add run, pullings up, walking in single file jumps and the other developing movements. But also those exercises that I specified in the beginning, are quite capable to prepare you and, the main thing, you can carry out their houses, without visiting the hall.

Now about the most important.

Being trained, fast and even very strong person, you will lose fight on the first seconds if the ordinary gymnast is your opponent, the acrobat or - as it is ridiculous! - balerun.

Question: why?

Answer: coordination.

About exercises for development of coordination of movements, and also is a lot more interesting, you learn from the following release.

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