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How to look for free music and movies on the Internet? It is frequent to me to have to hear

that is not present on the Internet of free music, everything became for money . I want to show you how just to find free music through usual search engine!

Internet - it is the huge storeroom of information. to find something in it search engines use. As in what volume you will be able to find depends both on a search engine, and on your ability to look for. In this article we will stop on search of music and movies for the personal purposes. So, we will start.

Our main tool searching - search engines . For of the Russian Internet it is of Yandex (ru), Rambler (ru), Google (ru). Is and more small » systems; there are systems uniting results of searches of these three systems. I recommend to use these three. If there is necessary information on the Russian Internet, then you it you will precisely find these systems. Each of searchers has own system of ranging, other than others. It allows to find in each of searchers the new websites on the necessary subject.

Ya I love Yandex more therefore we will consider further search in this system though everything told will be fair also for other searchers.

Search engines already found references to files necessary to us , we need to make just competently inquiry and to receive the answer. There is such inquiry:

parent directory mp3

. Therefore, let`s specify it and we will look for only fresh files: parent directory mp3 jun - 2006

Voila! the List of the websites with musical files , quite fresh. You come on each reference and you watch what lies. Do not forget to polazit on daddies, to move to a level above. Generally, in every possible way show curiosity and be attentive. You can find here not only music, but also movies, programs, books in different formats, ridiculous photos and many other things.

What such search, it that on such websites, as a rule, the contents is selected by the specific person is interesting. Therefore if 3 downloaded songs from one website appear » metal; that other contents, most likely, has the same subject.

Changing mp3 on avi exe jpg , you will be able to find movies, programs or drawings and many other things.

The specific performer or the song is sometimes necessary. Then, instead of date type the name of a song Latin letters, or a name of the performer. For example: parent directory leningrad svoboda. mp3

Such search yields results not always , percent in 30. But it is possible to find the whole albums and collections.

of Progress to you searching . In following article I will try to tell how to find information on your friends and competitors on the Internet.