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How to control the reason? Part II - subconsciousness.

Subconsciousness is the part of reason capable to think and argue independently .

Besides that we are inconsistent, we also are unreasonable. Working in the present, we too seldom think of the future and the past. We begin the movement on the road to the purpose chosen by us, and then suddenly we remember that tent, tools and supplies forgot there from where they left at way.

And still we easily forget about important. Moving on the way, we look around, we collect flowers from roadsides, we stir with passersby - and at the same time we forget that soon night. And if not to gather firewood and not to break a halt, it is possible and not to reach.

I will continue history on this subject.

One person went along the road. It went so long that was tired to go and decided to turn back. But, having turned back, he understood that he passed halfway, and back to him to go as much how many forward. In doubts about the best choice it remained in the middle of the road.

Other person went along the road. Its road was beautiful: the sun shone, flowers blossomed, birds sang - and the person shortened a stride to enjoy it, then slowed down still, and still - and stopped absolutely.

The third person went along the road. At the intersection he met the traveler, started talking to it. The traveler was so interesting that when he suggested to go together, the person, without reflecting, followed for it.

The fourth person went along the road. It went, attentively looking under legs and overcoming all obstacles. But when it reached the end, it turned out that there is no purpose in the end, and he did not even notice how it disappeared .

the Choice of the correct way is and there is a subconsciousness control. Consciously we set before ourselves the purposes, and subconsciously - we define the direction which will allow us to achieve these objectives, having overcome a minimum of obstacles. Remember that the person in any situation looks for the best version of its decision?

So: as it is possible to influence subconsciousness.

1. We appreciate ourselves. We are invaluable

. Possibilities of reason of the person are enormous. Yes, our hands will not lift a log, and legs will not run 100 kilometers for an hour - but the reason is so mighty that can make reality both that, and another. Besides, and the body of the person is capable of supernatural acts too - in special situations.

And still we are, in fact, everything that we have. All other values appear only as a result of our actions. All other entities - are secondary. Only substance, once declared is primary: I think, therefore, I exist .

2. We set the mad purposes. our reason works with

, being guided by one paradigm: survival. But the person is not only reason. Therefore if alarms and disorders do not release you even in a dream, and depressions and nervous breakdowns propagate as mushrooms - will be enough to think of a survival, it is time to define other paradigm. It is time to set the mad purposes in which acceptance reason archetypes do not play a role. Otherwise we and will be all life to survive .

Of course, it does not mean that you have to exhaust yourself and endanger the life. Just will be enough to think of it. The author of the theory of a pyramid of requirements A. Maslou wrote: after requirements of corporal level are rather satisfied, there comes time of spiritual needs, and a motivational spiral a nachinayetnovy round . It is worth entering this round, having defined such paradigm which will consider a survival as part of a way. Important, but nevertheless part.

3. We load subconsciousness.

Yes, consciousness it is worth unloading, and subconsciousness - to load. It all the same works constantly, milling all data arriving from the outside: colors, sounds, smells, feelings. Why not to make so that these data were informative?

Many already use it, preferring to do different things under different music and in certain places: to work under classics behind a desk, to program under hard rock at the computer, to prepare under dancing melodies in kitchen. I also now write these lines under ethnic tunes of the Enigma, having put the left elbow on a soft napkin. So that`s that.

4. We motivate ourselves.

the Wise Li Er better known as Lao - Zi, spoke: whether the way to one thousand begins with one step . It is difficult to add something to it, capable to hold in one paragraph, and I will better write separate article on this subject (as well as on all others). Here we will mention self-motivation, just not to forget about its importance.

5. We create system. to

of A little correct information - needs also the correct processing. A good dream, changes between lessons, pauses in work - all this ways to stop for a while reception of data and to carry out their processing. Perhaps, once you remove for yourself some rhythm, to define the system and to follow it. External control devices can help with it: same alarm clocks, reminders and computer programs.

And still: system tiresomely, but it is necessary to observe. Habits - just that sphere in which our subconsciousness reigns undividedly, and that language which it understands best of all. Therefore, having made the decision - do not change it: even if this decision is incorrect, fast change of priorities and purposes will bring disorder and turmoil in our thoughts and will do to our reason much bigger harm, than gradual replacement of the program.

We are, in fact, everything that we have. All other things become values only as a result of our perception, are multiplied and collect only as a result of our actions. All other entities - are secondary. Only substance, once declared is primary: I think, therefore, I exist .

And too it is worth remembering it sometimes.