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How to endure the beginning of spring that who suffers from VSD?

Councils - in most cases a thing good. But one business when advise you how to save time for preparation of a dinner, for example, and absolutely another - when business concerns your health. Whatever safe and useful at first sight council seemed, it is not necessary to follow blindly it, and first of all to consult with the doctor. As they say that to Russian it is good, to the German - death. And it is better not to risk, and to make secure.

Physicians say that today everyone heard what is vegetososudisty dystonia. Someone suffers from this illness, someone is familiar with it on the example of relatives or acquaintances. Besides, the number of those who at the exit from an office of the neuropathologist receive record in the out-patient card - " annually increases; VSD .

Of course, it is not deadly. But, you see, it is quite unpleasant. Those who have vascular illnesses more sharply and more painfully perceive any weather changing. Especially at a boundary of seasons...

Recently itself faced such troubles - from the beginning of spring the general weakness, a headache, the dizziness bringing to loss of consciousness once again appeared. With such state not that to study and work - you will not reach the next drugstore! Here also I decided to collect ways which helped me in due time - can, still who will be helped.

Very first and main - to try to have a rest more. To sleep eight hours a day even if 5 - 6 hours usually are enough for you. Yes, with a modern rhythm of life it is quite difficult to follow this rule, but for the sake of own health and excellent health it is possible to refuse for a while viewing of favourite movies and telecasts.

Besides, plan the day regimen and follow it - the more precisely you will follow the schedule, the it will be easier for your organism.

Try not to do sharp movements which can cause sharp inflow / outflow of blood from the head - do not jump sharply in the mornings, do not bend as real gymnasts.

A here morning exercises will not prevent. The main thing - to choose several simple exercises (turns of the head and the case especially will help) and to carry out them daily, but moderately - there is no need to overtire and aspire to the Olympic records at all.

Be in the fresh air more often, regularly air the room in which you are. If at an exit to fresh air at you the head begins to be turned is a sure sign of the fact that to your organism oxygen suffices.

Limit consumption of coffee, and it is even better - completely refuse it. Even if you have a lowered pressure - coffee will only force heart to fight more often, and pressure if raises, not much more.

Try to spend less time at the computer. And if your work is connected with it and 8 hours in front of the monitor - your direct duty, try to do at least small breaks - for about 10 minutes each hour

One more important factor - the regular and balanced food. Include fruit, vegetables, nuts, fish, fermented milk products in the diet. Besides, consult with the doctor what vitamins it is the best of all for you to accept.

If conversation on doctors came - if the doctor insists on a therapy course, so your organism not in forces to cope itself and needs the help. But do not agree to treatment, you will not pass inspection and your illness yet will not be confirmed. VSD - diagnosis which very much frightens patients, but doctors pronounce these words to show to the patient that he HAS no diseases. Kurpatov, for example, advises to understand these cases to whom the patient wants to prove that he needs care.

Real problems with vessels, with pressure - quite another matter also have to be corrected only under supervision of the doctor.

But, perhaps, the most important - to establish the reason of your illness and to try to eliminate it.

A to be nervous even less, it is more attention to pay to itself, not to overtire and to be heated on the spring sun more. Good luck!