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What means to the child - the disabled person the Internet?

Ten children - disabled people with the diagnosis of cerebral spastic infantile paralysis had a real opportunity free of charge (!) to be trained on the computer The event is extraordinary if to consider that fact that for many disabled people the − computer; unrealizable dream. Lucky can be counted on fingers of hands and that is people who were already created as the personality with strong in spirit and in life achieved something.

There is no sense to say that the computer means to ten children with limited physical capacities. It is clear one − these children had a future. These are not mere words. With acquisition of the computer one of the major, problems sharp for today − is solved at once; education without which it is impossible to do, especially in the conditions of the market relations. Professions became much more, − and everyone demands profound knowledge. Therefore if the person because of disability cannot visit normal educational institution, then all its aspirations have to be without fail concentrated in one − direction; on self-education. And here the leading role belongs to the computer with its great opportunities.

Self-education by means of the − computer; it also development of the personality as the intellectual filled to a limit with knowledge. Main thing − not to stop on the achieved success, the obtained information has to be transformed to real knowledge and understanding that it will allow to go further in improvement of. It is necessary to develop constantly creative inclinations − quite good chance to be realized in many respects. To lead full-fledged life − desire, general for all disabled people. Full value − one of happiness conditions. It is difficult not to agree with it. Fast transformation of the computer into one of the most effective remedies of implementation of professional and creative plans, huge demand for the people able to work in the sphere of information technologies plus explosive development of the Internet give much serious chance to stop being disabled people − in traditional sense of this word.

Internet − it also new friends, adherents and a fine opportunity to visit some corner of the globe, and so much interesting to learn. Let`s present only:

So many years are spent without quitting the place within four walls − and suddenly, by means of the Internet, the world swings open. Bottomless, interesting, intriguing Fantasy! It is trusted and is not trusted. Came true! There is no more information blockade. You on freedom. Around it is spacious, borders it is not visible. It is breathed easily, a full breast. Slightly forward And the mass of doors with Welcome! . What here is only not present: both the State Hermitage, and the Tretyakov gallery, and the art museum of Los - Andzheles, and the Sistine Chapel It is possible to visit also some shop, to learn about novelties, to look at the color file well-known and beautiful, and - at all not to list newspapers, magazines. Wide choice. And no problem!

the Conclusion arises one. The state has to undertake providing physically disabled people with computers and access to a global Network, but not in a private (disposable) order, and in the general plan. At the same time one has to be provided − not simply only transfer of computers to families with children - disabled people and their training at home in individual programs, and, for more effective rehabilitation and formation at children of the correct relation to use of the computer and the Internet, expansion of their framework is computer - network activity...

It is about expansion of the Internet - clubs for physically disabled people. Examples of involvement of children - disabled people in work the Internet - club are available. So, in the Siberian city of Strezheva, with assistance of the Center of additional education of children, several years the Internet - club where also children with limited physical capacities actively are engaged successfully functions. This experience deserves attention. As they say, old stuff should not be peddled. Only condition − that the powers that be had a desire. And then such beautiful slogan as Children − our future it will surely be realized. It is time to pass full-scale from words to business.

And that what is created? As reports ROOI Prospect most of the Russian children and youth with disability still experience discrimination at education. According to the Russian Ministry of Health, in the country about 650 thousand children - disabled people aged till 18 years. Statistically, in 2005/2006 academic year less than 130 thousand from them were trained in general education and average special educational institutions. The others get an education in specialized institutions where they are isolated from peers, and quality of education is lower than an average, or they do not study at school at all. Such situation, of course, significantly reduces their chances of further education and receiving work which will allow them to conduct independent and worthy life.

Radically it is necessary to change everything. Those reforms that today happen in our society, − there is not enough, more constructive, effective actions are required. Otherwise all only one words, beautiful words about the future of our children...