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And you celebrate the World day of di - Jay (on March 9)?

In the center of all disco parties - both club, and street - are always costed by it, God-almighty of a dance pavilion - DI - DZhEY. He holds in hand energy of tens, and even hundreds dancing, and they literally carry on hands of the idol. And seniors even more often write in compositions Whom I want to become treasured letters DJ.

the World day of di - Jay is quite official holiday which is celebrated on March 9 since 2001 according to the decision of UNESCO. But this also important charitable event which is held on behalf of the international club industry since 2002. Every year on March 9 within Day of Dee - Jay is taken place worldwide by a charity event for the aid to the children`s organizations. All profit got by di - Jay, clubs, radio stations and a record - labels this day, goes to various international children`s funds and establishments.

But at once I will make a reservation - the holiday concerns club di - Jay, but not leaders on radio stations.

Dj - an ing for a long time is an integral part of any party, i.e. that place where electronic music is consumed most of all. Also there is di - Jay playing especially electronic music (under such not really - you will dance that); there is di - Jay playing dance electronic music (such it is more); is and di - Jay playing on wedding actions (but this holiday not for them).

Electronic music - rather indistinct concept. How many people, are so much and opinions - one consider that electronic music is Claus Schultz, Rodelius, Planck, Vangelis and others... Others consider, time is made by means of synthesizers and any pieces of iron - means " too; electronic music . One my acquaintance told: DJ music has with electronics nothing in common! Di`s fan - dzheysky boom - boom - boom never appreciated the real electronics!

In principle, di - everyone can become Jay. To learn reduce technically plates any person at most in a year can. The equipment, as it is paradoxical, at all famous di - Jay is almost identical. But the equipment, naturally, is not the most important, it is much more important correct to give material. It is necessary to learn to build correctly set, to place harmonious and rhythmic accents. By and large di - dzheyskiya set is his three-hour song with the introduction, loss and refrains. Also it is necessary to sing it so that it was not boring for the listener.

Anyway good di - Jay not stupidly reduces couple of tracks, having adjusted BPM and a tonality, but also creates the mix a certain mood, creating from separate loops or tracks something special, and in real time, and it is not to everyone in power. In some sense of di - Jay is not a profession in sense of craft. Play for yourself and others, but do not turn di - a dzheystvo into routine, watch musical tendencies and create!

Di`s precepts - Jay.

1. Do not impose to people of the music, play what is pleasant to them.

2. Begin the way with hit music, you will manage to make revolution in the direction always.

3. Respect and understand the author of the primary source - he put the heart and soul, the sense in composition.

of the Pleasant mix!