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It is good or bad to be clever?

the saying " is known to All; Fly will not get into a closed mouth . About what it? If you express - you can pass for the clever man, and nobody loves clever men. In our world (everywhere, not only in Russia) the majority admires muscles, physical perfection, and is afraid of reason, intelligence. And it is very strange! Why people are afraid of a high intelligence? The reason is the main tool of people, all mankind. The person - that also became Goma sapiens - the person conceiving only when learned to think at first but only then - to do. And in any way not on the contrary!

The attitude of people towards reason is clearly looked through on their relation to different competitions, including - and to the Olympic Games. Takes the breath away, tears gather in the eyes when the anthem of your country sounds, and stand on a pedestal ours . And whether many people admire winners of competitions in chess? Much less. And who admires winners of the mathematical or computer Olympic Games? Only pupils of schools which sent them and that not all. Why many consider a high intelligence as the tool hostile to the person? What bad made to people Lomonosov, Leonardo da Vinci, Shakespeare, Tchaikovsky, Mozart, Edison, Michelangelo, Repin and other ingenious people? And their list is infinite.

Objections are reduced to so-called to evil geniuses it as Genghis Khan, Hitler and others. But unless such people are geniuses? Unless it is possible to consider as geniuses of the people capable to cause mass psychosis and to move the mass of people to murders, mockeries etc.? Unless it is a sign of high reason? There is Lomonosov which based the works it is a lot of new sciences and crafts, far outstripped the time is a genius. And Hitler is the murderer, the sadist and the criminal. Service to people was the purpose of life of Lomonosov. And what purpose Hitler had? To commit suicide in the bunker, perhaps?

At everything at the same time I do not want to tell that the aspiration to physical perfection - it is bad. It is very good and it is useful for health if it is not excessive. Very few people know in what costs sports records are wrapped. These are bruises, injuries, changes etc. It is pain, constant overloads, worthy the best application. Many athletes finish the career by disabled people, others - are long restored, and not all manage it. And what to admire here?

When you are forced to come back home late at night on badly lit street of whom you are afraid? Really the person who, having overtaken you, will tell something witty or will ask an interesting question? No, of course, it will encourage rather you as you intuitively know that there is nothing to be afraid of it. Most likely you are afraid of those whom admired, sitting at screens of the TVs. You are afraid that some muscleman or the superman with a bludgeon will jump out of darkness and will finish so that native mother does not learn, or it is worse than that. Then in what business? Envy? Fear to get into an awkward situation? Or something else?

In my opinion, clever people it is necessary not to be afraid, and to try to discover, encourage, bring up since childhood. It is well-known that most of children - geniuses. Look with what hunting and even greed they master new knowledge as skillfully they are applied! And to four - five years it is already little know-it-alls who know everything, judge everything in own way and teach all. From where then so many adult fools undertake? Why they so grew dull? And where little geniuses got to?

Not therefore whether all this that children is learned to go and tell at first, and then force to sit and be silent? And then it proceeds both at school, and in life. Which of you did not hear such manuals:

- Well you and the clever man!

- You that, the cleverest?

- do not philosophize!

- You that, cleverest?

Each child from the birth is given abilities and reason. Abilities are by nature, at the genetic level, it is a basis of future profession. They are given everyone the, from parents. And here the reason is given all! It from God (or if it is pleasant to whom, from all mankind more). And its development - on conscience of parents. Develop reason of the children, there is no time - find teachers (or employ who can), write down in circles etc. Also encourage development of reason in the children, you praise them for it in every possible way.

Not incidentally if at school the teacher applying the developing techniques, here and victories at the Olympic Games and excellent estimates is brought. And children who at them study will already not be gone in life because they learned to think and apply the knowledge independently.

Therefore I answer the question which is taken out in heading: to be clever - it is good. And it is even very good! And if it is correct to behave with people around, not to be stuck out, and to help people, nobody will be afraid of you.