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Interview. How it is successful to pass it?

met Recently the acquaintance who addressed me about half a year ago that I helped it to make the summary. Took an interest as there are its affairs whether it found work. His answer surprised me. He told: There were many Offers on new work, some of them were quite interesting. Long ago would change work, but I hate going to interviews .

From where the fear of passing is interviewed? The reasons can be various character. Someone applies for a higher position; someone on the previous place to work had a conflict situation; someone is not absolutely confident in the professional knowledge. Anyway, the person comes to interview nervous and clamped. The fear holds down thoughts, the candidate cannot tell about himself most in detail, inadequately answers questions. Very often to me such situation on interview met - the candidate comes, sharply and briefly answers questions, is nervous, is ready quite aggressively in relation to the interviewer, and only by the end of interview of people calms down and begins to tell about himself and the professional qualities. Just two different persons!

Desire to prove to be in the most favorable light, fear to be misunderstood, all this extremely disturbs any person. What could I offer? Present your interviewer the ordinary person, in domestic surroundings. Understand that before you not the examiner, but the person who would like to find the good employee to a certain position. He, first of all, is interested in you, in your professional qualities.

Think over as as you will tell on interview. All of us know that there is a number of standard questions which practically always ask on interview. These are such questions as Your direct duties ; Why left the previous place of work? . If you think over answers to these questions, you will be easier to answer them.

Be ready that you will be asked to tell about the company in which you worked, than the division in which you worked what contribution personally you made to development of the company was engaged. The thought-over answers to the matters characterize you as the personality who is loyal to the employer. Knowing answers to these questions, you can understand for yourself what type of the organization is necessary to you where you will be able to connect the personal purposes and the purposes of your employer.

Consider, I do not urge you to tell a lie, thinking out good answers to these questions. As practice as soon as the person begins to tell lie shows, he begins to be nervous, confused in answers, and for the indirect reasons the interviewer can guess that the candidate lies.

Of course, there is a number of answers which can adversely affect the result of interview. I will give an example. To me the candidate, and for a question came: Why you left the previous place of work? answered directly and honestly that it had a conflict with his immediate superior. The applicant was with good professional experience, could provide recommendations from other places of work, and interested me how the person can be such miscellaneous. I asked to describe a situation in more detail. It became clear that it was morally heavy to candidate to work (the last place of work - bureau of funeral services), and small disagreements with the management were a last straw. But not always the recruiter has time for clarification of such details

Thus if you approach preparation for interview more carefully, you will be more self-assured, will be able to tell about yourself, about the professional qualities. Even the analysis of the reasons of going away from work can help you to understand that you want from your following place of work.

Make the list of the duties, estimate what of them you know for all 100% in what you still should be improved what would like to develop on the new place of work and that is required to you for this purpose. Having made this list, you easily will be able to answer questions then: Your professional duties What do you want from the new place of work? What activity is most interesting to you? .

Also I would like to talk about appearance of the candidate. All know in what look it is necessary to come to interview. In this question I will not be original. Really, it is necessary to come to interview in a business suit. First of all, your appearance influences your confidence. Here I want to give such example. Present yourself in the form of a billiard ball. To get to a billiard pocket, you should be round and to correspond to the size. Not square, not oval, namely round.

When I worked in recruitment agency, we specially developed for our candidates an instruction as well as in what look to come to interview to the employer. We made it after one of our most professional candidates was not taken from - for the fact that he came in yellow socks to interview on vacancy commercial director . Believe, sometimes from - for such offensive trifles it is possible to miss good work.

Here I would like to compare job search and directly work with the project of the house and already complete house. All of us know that the thought more over, correctly modified project of the house, the is steadier and more fundamental the house, the more cozy and more comfortably to live and be in it. Therefore I focus attention on the project of your work in order that you could find the work which is most suitable for you.

I in search of it quietly and surely went to interviews