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Whether it is difficult to act publicly or What can be more terrible than death?

Sometimes can be met the person who speaks: And I adore publicity! or My feelings when I act - are close to an orgasm! or I catch from it a high! And the more me listens to people, the more abruptly! Yes, such by nature talented people of course are. And we admire this ability even if we do not share their belief. To take, for example, all of us known mother`s son - the Russian and the father - the lawyer . Napoleon was a brilliant speaker. He told: Who is not able to speak, that will not promote! In the modern world the main ability is an ability to sell the ideas. In fact, any sale is an ability to inform of the idea reason of the listener: buyer, chief, subordinate, spouse and even child...

Someone will tell that ability beautifully and brightly to act - it is exclusive charisma which is possessed only by the elite. To many people such position cost loss of an outstanding career, money, and even Love! And it in our that time when there is such huge number of schools, trainings, eventually, of available and useful literature!

The American consultant, the president of Guild of Speakers of Hollywood Claus Hilgers explains that he stops most of people acting:

- First of all when the person leaves before audience to deliver some speech, he experiences different reactions of a body. One have a nervousness, a shiver in knees, the heat wave rolls. Others begin to redden or sweat. At someone heart begins to fight strongly, face muscles involuntarily shudder.

The problem is that the person does not know how to get rid of it . Some people, those who act long ago and often, even the famous actors toss a shot glass - another before a part. The singer Tatyana Bulanova admitted one of the interviews that long used such method prompted to her in youth by mother. Someone goes into other extremes, and addresses use of hypnosis or the NLP methods. Claus Hilgers claims:

- What feeling to you threw a body when you leave to eat with a certain exercise which you can execute, and in several seconds this feeling leaves, vanishes for ever.

The liveryman of speakers of Hollywood, the consultant Ramon Tarango, told me such story once. He needed to address the staff of one big dental clinic. In the hall of 150 people, and 120 of them tired out on this seminar with a stick . The corporate seminar or training almost always already in itself is some call for the speaker. And here practically all hall showed an absolute indifference. I know great professional coaches who in a similar situation stop training and return to the customer money.

During the performance he took in hand two felt-tip pens (blue and red) and wrote something on a board, shifting them from one hand in another. He did not notice that cores soiled his palms. Then he several times ran hands over the person, wiping sweat. Then crossed hands on a breast, having strongly soiled the white shirt. The hall quickened, at first the muffled snickers were heard, impetuous the laughter was distributed then. Then Ramon asked: What here ridiculous? Someone got a mirror, and showed to the consultant his face. Then he told: I knew that it will war - address you, children. It is my fighting coloring. And now I am ready to fight with you! After that he received full attention of the hall and finished performance with thunderous applause.