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What do we know about history and secrets of the All-Russia Exhibition Centre?

the City of Moscow collected in itself unimaginable quantity of monuments of culture and art. Constantly expanding the borders, the city grew, increasing sights. So, on the place of the Ostankino bogs where in 1934 - m to year the staff of People`s Commissariat for Internal Affairs dispersed the Gipsy camp which settled there, in five years there was one of the main cultural places of the capital which throughout all the history attracted tourists from around the world.

of VSHV, ENEA, and after the All-Russia Exhibition Centre. An exhibition of achievements of a national economy, grandiose on the scales, which in 65 years every eighth inhabitant of the planet visited. Were in the history of construction of VSHV - the All-Union agricultural exhibition and rather mysterious, and places even the mystical moments. One of such mystical stories tells that Vyacheslav Konstantinovich Oltorzhevsky (the chief architect of VSHV) conceived to make an exhibition not just cultural center of the Soviet Union, and the center of all Universe. If to look at the master plan of VSHV, it is possible to see that the area of mechanization, being the center of an exhibition, reminds the sun around which nine planets were located. On this square, on his idea, V. I. Lenin`s figure had to tower. Here the mysticism of the plan of an exhibition offered by Oltorzhevsky does not come to an end but only begins From the Area of mechanization as from a bible Tree of Life, four sources which in a point of intersection run up as in system of coordinates, form the beginning of all beginnings. This system is created with a mathematical accuracy - as the Egyptian pyramids - and put into the correct octagon - a Christian symbol of updating and the found heavenly bliss. These signs were combined with a huge cross and various symbols of Buddhist and Hindu myths.

After a small amount of time the chief architect of the All-Russian agricultural exhibition was banished for the Polar circle, and the plan of an exhibition was changed. In the Vorkuta camp the specialist in multystoried buildings who adopted the whole 10 years experience of construction of skyscrapers in the United States of America had to be content with design of one-storeyed barracks. Vyacheslav Oltorzhevsky learned about opening of the exhibition which is once created by it only from a newsreel which was shown in camp.

for several years after the opening an exhibition was multiplied and did not cease to surprise numerous visitors. So was till 1941 - go years, prior to war. In difficult military years there were antiaircraft emplacements here, and various pavilions were closed and deprived of visitors. By the way, it is casual or not, but for all the time of war for the territory of VSHV (the area of 135 hectares) any enemy bomb did not fall! At the same time, in 1942 - m to the chief architect of an exhibition returned to year his freedom then he became the personal consultant of the leader concerning high-rise construction.

the Second opening of an exhibition occurred 1 - go August, 1954 - go years. At an entrance of people just built up arch of the amazing sizes met and lack of a figure of Stalin on which place the fountain of Friendship of the people was open surprised. Sixteen gilded sculptures originally had to symbolize the union of all republics. But soon, when republics there were only fifteen, the symbolics once again dispersed from reality. In two years the exhibition became completely industrially - industrial, and received the new name - EANE (Exhibition of Achievements of the National Economy).

After the first flight of the person in space, in 1961 - m to year, an exhibition, besides all the rest, was decorated by the copy of the rocket of Gagarin. It, by the way, was placed into the Square of mechanization, in that mystical center where, according to Oltorzhevsky`s plans, the figure of the leader of that time had to tower. Vyacheslav Konstantinovich, by hearsay, after release so never also visited the creation. He died in 1966 - m to year, and still could find the changed exhibition.

After 1990 - go years the exhibition found the third, and so far the last name - AREC (All-Russian Exhibition Center). Now it reflected rather real reality, but not dreams of the future as it was at the time of the Soviet Union.

In 2002 - year even the application for holding the prestigious international " exhibition was submitted m; The EXPO - 2010 in Moscow. Unfortunately, the application was not accepted, but, despite it, the flow of the people wishing to visit the exhibition center practically does not stop. Flow of tourists also does the All-Russia Exhibition Centre to one of the most visited places of the capital and all Russia. Various exhibitions and the presentations are updated nearly every day that gives the chance not only to diversify the leisure, but also to be aware of various innovations from all corners of the globe.

For many residents of Moscow the ENEA is the place of the first appointment or other romantic adventures. People walk in these magnificent places, shop, look at the achievements of science and technology brought from around the world dream and are just loaded with good mood and positive energy.