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How to behave at a concert and in a cinema hall?

We entered the 21st century. Progress reached unknown heights, it is a pity only that it is impossible to brag of the same growth of culture. There is a wish to believe that all it will be told in this article about, occurs not everywhere. And the issue of behavior of the audience in the hall will be touched here. Time to consider this problem more carefully came. And the fact that it is a problem - at me personally does not raise any doubts.

By the nature of the activity I often should visit various actions and concerts in the different cities and rural lands. And everywhere same! Nice-looking young people behave sometimes very ugly - talk, are played (otherwise you will not call it) mobile phones, afford shouts from places, concentrating the attention only to those for the sake of whom they came to this hall.

Quite I understand that all events on a scene cannot be pleasant to all. I assume what can not be pleasant at all. But it is already a problem of speakers because it is sure - what is really interesting, will watch any, even the one who initially was skeptic and hostilely if it, of course, not absolutely freezed small. It is checked.

We have a free country and, think, violently nobody to the hall is pulled. And if came, if you please, behave like the civilized person. Do not disturb others, or do not come absolutely. Show elementary human respect for those who (anyway) stepped on the stage. Believe, it is not so easy as it seems.

But is at this problem and other party of the medal . This behavior adults. Yes, adult, that of whom in principle young people have to follow an example. No, they not are played mobile phones also do not cry out from places. They on places behave so as if they came to a market square. During performance they can discuss the latest news and pour out each other the family problems as though they will have on it no time any more. At least after the same action.

But there is still what upsets most of all - it is discussions of the speaker, sometimes to a frank abuse. His clothes, behavior, vocal or musical abilities, ITS family problems, private life and it is a lot of another. And if the speaker is pleasant - that his praises to the level of the inhabitant of heaven in comparison with which all others so, a decay. Though sometimes this far is not true. And all this directly on the place, in the hall, near youth.

The most terrible, in my opinion, is that even people of intelligent professions act sometimes this way. Those people who have to bear ethics and culture of behavior to the pupils, to impart lost feelings of a step and mutual respect. No, they behave from time to time in the above described way. From it sadly certain conclusions also arise. One of which - many adults should study still too, to study and study To study to teach others. In particular, us - young people.

I do not want to generalize. People are all different, there is both among youth, and among people of the senior generation grateful audience who can sit out a concert according to moral and ethical standards of the cultural person. And if strongly it is not pleasant - to rise and leave very quietly. It, at least, is honest.

In conclusion there is a wish to provide several provisions of all-civil etiquette directly connected with the lifted problem.

the Most important part of all-civil etiquette is set of rules of conduct in theater, at a concert, at cinema etc. For example, presence in the hall demands the special attitude towards norms of etiquette. The main requirement - not to prevent people around to monitor acting, musicians, not to distract from the subject line of theatrical or musical action (not to discuss aloud acting, not to be late, not foot tap legs and not to drum fingers in a step to music, not to speak by the mobile phone, it is impossible to laugh, eat, lean loudly legs on a front seat).

If you did not take off outerwear in clothes, carefully, without having touched the neighbor, put a coat to yourself on knees. If you have a volume cap, it needs to be removed. In case of an indisposition visit should be postponed not to disturb cough, or other manifestations of an illness other audience.

It is necessary to pass on places facing sitting, and it is not necessary to apologize at the same time. If pass narrow, then sitting have to rise. Women can not rise. It is not necessary to examine public and to tell them the maintenance of the events on a scene. If met acquaintances, then if they it is close to you - greet if it is far - just bow. In a break - it is possible to remain in the hall, or to leave. If the companion does not want to leave - the man has to remain with her.

It is possible to leave theater prior to the second action if the play was not pleasant. If decided to remain, it is not necessary to disturb the look or remarks people around. It is possible to leave the hall only after speakers leave a scene. When viewing the movie it is possible to leave the hall only in case the movie did not meet your expectations at all, trying not to disturb people around at the same time.