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How to congratulate the woman since March Eighth? Article for men of

Truly, the rare foreigner will understand that he is created in Russia 8 - go March: already the day before nobody works, mad men storm tents with flowers, by trucks buying flowers for colleagues, rush on office, being engaged in very unusual actions - preparation of a holiday table. All these hard cares so put men out of action that they often do not have neither time, nor forces, nor desire for a congratulation of the loved one. And in vain, very in vain!

I will not go deep into the nature of the International Women`s Day which history of celebration can be connected with a name of the revolutionary Klara Tsetkin. It at the International conference of women in 1910 in Copenhagen proclaimed idea to note annually on March 8 as birthday of the female proletariat. Now this holiday in some sources is called in the afternoon of expression of love and gratitude to women . As a result it developed so that we, girls, wait this day for very trembling relation to ourselves (though, apparently, it is possible to expect it daily), and very much we are upset, without receiving it.

One business - to be the congratulated fellow workers and business partners - they have no place to disappear all the same, labor relations oblige not to ignore this date. But absolutely another - attention from darling. Of course, the rare husband or the partner in life will decide to leave the girlfriend at least without mean branch of a mimosa - then he will become enemy No 1 for the whole year, does not rehabilitate himself on the following of the eighth of March yet. But believe if not to approach this far-fetched date formally, and to really arrange to darling a holiday with all the heart, her appreciation will not know borders and in general, unless it is not pleasure - to make happy the loved one?

So what can be made without impressive time and monetary expenditure?

Of course, it is possible just to invite the lady in restaurant. Surely take care of a little table beforehand, this day this idea will arise for certain not at you one. Cozy budgetary cafes and the land - bars are not obligatory to go to expensive restaurant, now enough. To add a piquancy, navedaytes in restaurant for half an hour - hour to a rendezvous and bring a bouquet and a small gift which will wait for your lady on a table when it enters an institution (agree with personnel that they did not forget to put gifts on a table). Believe, this small surprise will be appreciated!

If you have a corporate party and you cannot ignore it, try not to get drunk and keep at least a human look for a meeting with the lady. Let the party happen not on a holiday, and the day before, nevertheless there is not enough pleasure if that day when you wait for special attention from the man, he suffers from a hangover and is not capable of intelligent actions.

Please, think of a gift in advance. Most of men do not understand an essence of this holiday and approach it formally, considering that in this - that put precisely main not a gift, but attention. Here not! If you traditionally quite so also approached this holiday, especially it will be pleasant to your half to receive that it is necessary for it and not that will become dusty on the shelf. It is better to present something touching, that is it that would never come to your mind if you chose a gift on the male taste. You do not give spirits at all if you do not know that the woman loves - hardly you will guess. You do not give linen - too a thin thing, it is necessary to know for certain the size, and men in it are not strong. It is better not to give economic objects - frying pans, pans, irons - generally, all that is associated with hard house work. Polls of my familiar ladies show that such gifts are perceived as a jeer.

However the objects urged to facilitate this work are admissible: if you beat a gift the phrase: expensive, I hope, this subject will facilitate your house efforts, - it is possible to hand some mixer or the home combine or the juice extractor - pretty things, perhaps, not such necessary, but will be pleasant addition in an arsenal to any hostess. Only it is desirable to be convinced that it does not have these objects yet.

As for the touching gifts mentioned by me above, it can just be something unnecessary, but the causing tender feelings: soft toy (only qualitative! Roughly sewed plush monsters seldom cause affection!) a graceful purse (but not a handbag which is almost intimate thing. The man is physically not capable to choose a handbag which will be pleasant to his girlfriend), a throw pillow, a cozy plaid (it is desirable that approached under color scale of the room)

Of course, it is difficult to guess that he will be pleasant to the lady (we, girls, such whimsical creations), but I offer a small trick: make over yourself effort and take at a case an attentive view of the territory of your cohabitation or the territory of accommodation of your half if you live not together: perhaps, something is obviously missing and it is possible to fill this gap with a gift? If the home telephone number became morally outdated, it is possible to present new model of a radio telephone. If your darling uses the computer at home, it is possible to please her with a wireless mouse of original design. The night lamp in a bedroom remained since grandmother`s times? Pick up a beautiful lamp taking into account features of an interior. Everything that from you is required - slightly - slightly attention and observation, well and of course sincere desire to please the loved one.

And of course, get up this day a bit earlier and make a breakfast! If you are not able, order pizza, sushi - thank God, now enough similar services. I do not doubt, any girl will be glad if this day directly since morning you present her flowers (it is possible to hide beforehand on a balcony because weather conditions allow, only do not forget to put them in water), and then will give a breakfast to a bed (and still we have according to the plan a gift, you remember?!). And further - act on circumstances - perhaps, you also will not leave a bed until the end of this remarkable day