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What Scriabin died of? Trifles are very important

the Outstanding Russian composer and the pianist suddenly died at the peak of creative and physical forces - he was only 43 years old. And he died, apparently, from - for real a trifle - the heat-spot, a gnoynichka formed on a face. Scriabin tried to get rid of a heat-spot and squeezed out it that led to development of sepsis - blood poisoning. At the time of the composer this disease was fatal.

Piodermiya - the infectious disease of skin, is shown in emergence of one or several gnoynichok, a furuncle, anthrax, abscess or phlegmon. Certainly, it is already clear that development on skin listed delights it is caused by one factor - an infection, introduction in leather of pathogenic microbes, is more often than stafilokokk.

On skin of the healthy person there are always various microorganisms, including staphylococcus, streptococci. Usually they are harmless and do not cause a disease. These are so-called saprofita. Skin reliably protects an organism from their penetration inside as represents a mechanical barrier and possesses bactericidal action.

And here violation of integrity of skin, excess release of fat and sweat, hygienic errors, and also weakening of protective forces of an organism are main reasons, from - for whom microbes - saprofita gain aggressive properties, become more active, breed and become capable to cause pustulous diseases.

The piodermiya with small (about a pin head) a gnoynichka with small reddening begins around. Gnoynichok can appear on skin in any place where hair including small grow, thin, called by pushkovy.

Let it will not seem you an ancient method, but it is safer (cheaper!) to grease a gnoynichok " brilliant green; tincture of iodine or alcohol, without injuring heat-spot and without squeezing out it at all. Then it, most likely, will wither, will dry up, forming brownish color a crust which in 3 - 4 days will disappear, and inflammatory process will end.

But if from a heat-spot to squeeze out pus, part it together with pathogenic microbes will get on a hair sack deep into of skin, causing a purulent inflammation of its deep layers, hypodermic cellulose, vessels. In this case, especially if protective forces of an organism are reduced, the furuncle can develop.

And here - that it is necessary to address immediately the surgeon or the dermatologist as the furuncle not only brings notable sufferings, but threatens with complications - development of abscess, phlegmon. The most terrible complication of a furuncle - the general blood poisoning.

It is especially dangerous when the furuncle is located on an upper lip, in a nose, a nosogubny fold, mouth corners. It is caused by the fact that the veins passing here are directly tied with venous system of a brain. On veins the infection can extend, become the reason of an inflammation of brain covers and the general blood poisoning.

At this staphylococcus are carried on all organism, causing purulent processes in various fabrics and bodies. It is difficult to cope with sepsis to doctors even now, in the presence of antibiotics and many other drugs which were not at the beginning of the century when Alexander Scriabin died.

That is why it is impossible to squeeze out the gnoynichka especially located on a face in " at all; dangerous zones . If you see that the gnoynichok does not dry up, and, on the contrary, inflammatory process runs high, urgently see a doctor.

Do not do poultices, hot bathtubs, do not put a hot-water bottle to to problem places . These thermal procedures only strengthen an illness. Certainly, now there is a set of the cosmetic preparations helping to get rid quickly from heat-spots . But in that is continually that in the majority these preparations do not treat the reason of emergence of a piodermiya, and only hide its consequences. If it is frequent and without consultation with the doctor to use them, it is possible to grease a picture of a serious illness and to allow an infection to live in your organism. Unless you want it?