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We were near.

Why I were not such, and you were another. Those who are familiar now lived in our

bodies long ago, but then it were not we, it were that young and silly, they in general

were others, they set the purposes and made distance shots, they dreamed and waited for

of disappointments. Strange in one bodies different people, every morning you find

of the new person, can do it and it is not noticeable, but every evening we die and every morning we revive, yesterday and today are similar, but it is worth opening record 10 - ti summer

record and before us other people, absolutely unclear and unfamiliar Is possible

if then those others, found something between naive conversations, then

would not be us, they would kill us present, they would kill themselves future. But they left to

us in themselves, it, probably, and became the reason of our meeting. We

steel such thanks to time, we long went the ways, we met,

said goodbye and forgave, we were disappointed and put all words of our

of future meeting from these disappointments, we waited for it, we predicted it, nothing

was contrary to and in vain, all barriers became incentive and cement of our general

secret. Why to whine on seeming dull lived, it absolutely

is justified. We will not be exchanged for the silly questions Where you were all this

time? Where you were? . I was near and you were near, we knew all this time,

how to find each other, but we did not look for because we wandered as young

wine also just now comes the moment when wine received taste, it over the years

gained tartness and grace. Value passed with all mistakes,

ridiculous and hastily corrected, with all take-off and falling, progress and

failures in that also consists that it is part of our way, the part of our scenario,

part ourselves, only such we could meet, such. It is also

a greatest luck. You should not even persuade and try to forgive at first sight

unpleasant traits of character and each other acts, we passed for this line

of an utaptyvaniye, preparation, a perelamyvaniye. We have to appreciate everything and entirely.

08. 11. 06