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Whether it is possible to restore an operating system?

All of us face a problem of reinstallation / restoration of an operating system sooner or later. It is process not especially long and labor-consuming, but, nevertheless, causes certain difficulties in many. It can be connected with various factors: not knowledge “ " mechanism; reinstallations, loss of any important drivers or directly a disk with system. Whether it is possible to restore (not to confuse to reinstallation) an operating system - of course it is possible! Only for this purpose you will need the special program about which I also will lead the speech in this article.

Acronis True Image - this program is intended for backup of data of your hard drive, i.e. with its help you can create an image (the exact copy) of ALL hard drive. This program for the principle of the means of system recovery which is built in Windows works.

Means “ System recovery “ - a component of the Windows XP Professional system by means of which at emergence of problems it is possible to restore the previous condition of the computer without loss of personal files (such as documents Microsoft Word, list checked pages, drawings, the chosen files and e-mail messages). " program; System recovery “ observes changes of system and some applications files and automatically creates easily identified restoration points. These points allow to return system to a state at the moment to time. They are created daily, and also during essential system events (such as installation of the application or drivers). The user also has an opportunity at any time to create the called restoration points. (It is taken from the reference of Windows: Start-up - the Reference and support) to Check

whether this function is included at you it is possible so: My computer - click of Property - the bookmark System recovery in the line State the Supervision value has to stand the right key -.

And now we will imagine a situation when the computer refuses to be loaded - the operating system departed. At means “ System recovery “ there is essential minus: with its help it is possible to be restored if the computer manages to be loaded if is not present then it is absolutely useless. Here that also comes to the rescue of Acronis True Image with its help:

1. We are loaded from a disk with the program, it is loading if swung and bought on the Internet, then we create it (it is created when the system functions normally) - in a cover select the Creation of a Loading Disk item (I recommend to use CD, as diskettes too not a reliable data carrier) and follow the instruction of the master. Now how to be loaded: for this purpose when loading the computer we press the Del key at the expense of what we get to BIOS (Basic Integrated Operation System) to us there it is necessary to find the bookmark Boot device priority and to establish in parameter 1st boot device CD value - Rom that will allow the computer to be loaded first of all, respectively, with CD - Rom’a. Further it is necessary only to be restored.

2. But in order that was from what to be restored, it is necessary to create it. More simply not where - we create:

2. 1 For a start we create the protected area we do not want that also the archive was lost. The protected area is completely autonomous and “ submits “ only Acronis True Image (I did not hear that some virus could make the way there or any appendix could break its work). In a cover we select the Acronis Safety Zone item and we follow instructions of the master. It is ready.

2. 2 we create archive Now - the Create Archive point - we set a name and situation (to the protected area). It is ready.

After these not cunning manipulations it is possible to be sure that even in emergency situation it is possible to restore data. You ask: “ We created an image for a certain date, and then installed important programs, created important documents …. “ not a problem, the archive created by you can be supplemented with the changes made by you.

And now there are a little words from the official announcement about the main opportunities of the program:

- Creation of exact images of disks (sections) on the patented technology. In case of virus attack or failure of system or the hard drive, you in only a few minutes will be able to restore operation of the computer, and it is not even necessary to reinstall anything!

- Backup of any files and folders on a disk at the choice of the user, including digital photos, music and video. It allows to save quickly only necessary information and, thereby, considerably to save time and disk space;

- Backup of e-mail - letters, accounts, a calendar, tasks, notes, signatures, news, the user settings;

- Backup of setting up appendices;

- Automatic backup according to the schedule;

- Instant system recovery by means of the Acronis ® Snap Restore technology;

- Cloning of disks;

- Viewing of a log;

- Creation of loading disks of two options - full and for loading in the safe mode.

But nevertheless I will recommend to rely on this procedure only in relation to fundamental changes: directly to Windows with the installed drivers, to office applications, various useful programs, as it is known the panacea does not exist. I will try to tell about how to reduce risks of loss of documents and what to do if it occurred in the following article if of course it is interesting to you. And I can see the interest shown to my articles only in your comments so I wait for responses. If something seemed to you not clear, I wait for questions. Constructive criticism is welcomed.

Happiness to you, good luck less problems with “ " iron;.