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How to leave off smoking, having got rid of information parasites?

Smoking, but wanting to give up this mean occupation are devoted.

You want to leave off smoking? Many times tried, but it was impossible? Perhaps, this case from own experience is familiar to me. All the matter is that the person smoking in the past has associations which the non-smoking person does not have in the brain, and, as a result, thinks in a different way and is other personality who makes a bit different decisions.

We will consider the uncle Vasya who began to smoke in 14 years when children from the neighboring house suggested it to drag on once to look abrupt because only abrupt can smoke and at the same time not choke with a tobacco smoke. Since then thought I - abrupt so took control of Vasya`s consciousness that he also forgot to think that he means not to be abrupt. It could not allow not to be abrupt at least day. And when it was not abrupt, he very much suffered because that today it is not abrupt. But he knew 100% the recipe how to become abrupt. And already 20 years Vasya abrupt every day.

We will consider the aunt Lenu which at school on change schoolmates who smoked for a long time and received that dose of necessary communication which needs so to be received from girlfriends suggested to drag on to satisfy that demon who lives in some female human individuals, forcing these individuals to communicate as much as possible. A name to that demon - intuition. It is ruthless. And other schoolmates who did not smoke did not communicate with the girl Lena because they in general a little with whom communicated. Lena felt such lonely and unfortunate without communication that she could not present herself alone. But she knew 100% the recipe of receiving communication on changes.

At Vasya and Lena absolutely certain sensomotorny scheme of satisfaction of the requirements which is not demanding visible expenses of energy was developed. And nobody can reproach neither Vasya, nor Lena that they chose a non-optimal way of satisfaction of the requirements. It is a way it is really very easy. Vasya dragged on - Vasya abrupt. Lena dragged on - Lena communicated. Only it is also necessary that to drag on. Both chose the correct, in their opinion, way and before the conscience are acquitted for initiation of the irreversible changes caused by the whole bouquet of the toxic connections entering a tobacco smoke. However there is a nuance, and it is that adverse effect of these toxic connections can be strongly weakened at a certain food. But the probability of emergence of opukholepodobny educations cannot be brought to naught. However on probability theory can happen so that you smoke all life, and you will not develop cancer. All question is in determining the price of risk and to compare it with the prize price if that exists, the changed probability of achievement.

These persons in a brain have programs of satisfaction of the requirements which cannot be in a brain of the person who never tried to smoke.

An essence of my way to leave off smoking - to change some programs of satisfaction of the requirements. Or, if you want, to reprogram yourself. It is not necessary to be afraid of programming, you are engaged in it constantly, someone is more, someone is less, but are able to do all this at the subconscious level.

The basis of brain structures is made by associations. Any realized essence decides by associations on other associations. The Sensomotorny scheme - too set of associations. If it is necessary to get rid of a certain behavior, you need to break off only the necessary associations in the corresponding sensomotorny scheme.

But everything is not so simple. It appears, it is impossible to break off association, without having cut off the corresponding piece of a brain which contains this association, or without having killed the neurons participating in association. And at such way it for certain will not turn out from - for repeated duplications of associations in a brain of the person. Repeated duplication is necessary for parallel calculations in a brain - recognition of the speech, recognition of visions, generation of the speech, the arithmetic account and other calculations. What stronger duplicated association, to bigger number of subsystems of a brain it can be at the same time provided to those for calculations.

But if it is impossible to break off association what to do? It is necessary to make so that associations, let`s call them parasitic, did not participate in formation of behavior or their contribution would be insignificant for change of behavior. That is, roughly speaking, it is necessary to make so that parasitic associations influenced system of decision-making as little as possible. It is reached by what others, useful, associations render where as bigger influence, than parasitic. So, let`s create useful associations which will nullify parasitic associations!

Scheme: I want to smoke - I will go to " shop; - I will buy the " cigarettes; - I smoke .

Is unimportant that lies between I want to smoke and I smoke . Important the fact that such association exists at each smoker. To want smoke it can for various reasons, but it inevitably leads to end of the cycle I want to smoke and I smoke . Communication parasitic and it is necessary to get rid of it. It is necessary not to want to smoke. And not to want to smoke, it is necessary to want something else, chosen from motives, good for the organism, in those situations in which you usually want to smoke.

1) Write down those conditions under which you usually smoke. Yes, include memory and begin to write already usually after a lunch and in the amicable company, and also on the way from the house for work, from work from the house, and still when called by phone, and after a dinner, and still when there is nothing to do, and still, and still the list will turn out very long if you show patience. Those who have good knack for storing can remember conditions but all is better - to write down. Gather 100 conditions under which you smoke. It is impossible 100 - do not despair, tomorrow still remember - the subprogramme of collecting conditions of smoking is already introduced in subconsciousness. Try to sort them as it should be, the return to number of the smoked cigarettes under the corresponding condition. Jeweler accuracy is not important here. Try to allocate at least one main condition and to deliver it to the first in the list.

2) Finished the list? I congratulate, now you see the enemy in a face! These are your parasitic associations which need to be nullified. Try to remember properly this list of conditions, starting with the first point - it is the most important.

3) We take hundred sheets of a white paper, well or a notebook, and on each leaf we write that can be done in situations which are written out and sorted at the first stage. For example, after a lunch I could: 30 times to jump up; 100 times to clench fists, to call mother, to call darling; to go outside and, having deeply dragged on fresh air, to understand that lungs cannot contain without pain so much air, how many earlier any more. And in the amicable company: I could remember those jokes which I read the other day, and then to tell them; to explain to friends that smoking kills me, and I continue to smoke and in all seriousness to ask the friends not to treat me with cigarettes; to remember those friends whom I lost, having ceased to communicate with many non-smoking people. On the way from the house for work I will remember what I did at work yesterday; what I will do there today; and as I lived earlier when instead of analyzing and planning the work, I selflessly indulged in suppression of reflexes of the warning of an organism of possible toxic attack from the outside. I hope, the idea that it is necessary to write on 100 sheets, is clear. There comes the creativity stage, you begin to do of yourself other person right now. The person who does not smoke.

4) To execute the written-down possible actions in the written-down situations.