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Who are they, bums? And whether it is possible to help them? Part 3

Who is guilty also what to do? Immemorial questions, which already " steel; business card Russian literature. Why people stop being people? How become bums? Answer know in total! Yes, they are guilty of everything, it is necessary to drink less!

He agrees, in the majority they really just spent on drink the apartments, the life and the future. And it is good if only the. If their voluntary leaving from reality to the doubtful world of drunk dreams made only them such. However, to be fair, it is necessary to tell what, as a rule, and occurs. Lonely people become hostages of the unwillingness and inability to struggle with themselves. The family will fight to the last if not out of love (what love to the finished alcoholic can remain) then from mercantile interests. The apartment is a tidbit not only for realtors now, but also for relatives. By the way, the small part of bums suffered from actions of relatives. I will not go into details - whether relatives are right that threw out the family on the street as far as it is ethic and merciful. Situations in life happen everyones, and not to me to judge them. I am not a God and not the judge. Though, probably, nevertheless it was possible to make something that people did not appear beyond. And the only help which can be rendered to such people, it to give them the chance though somehow to survive. They with gratitude accept the help of various philanthropists, and, never demanding it. And if find some work, try to do it well (moderately the health and forces). It still it is possible to help, and some try to do it.

Victims of war. Displaced persons. With a big stretch it is possible to call them bums. More likely, it is bitter irony, than real display of reality. Nevertheless, they have families and they try to survive, keeping though some human dignity, though promptly losing it after everyone meetings with faceless bureaucracy. No, not absolutely I am right, the official is not faceless! Particular persons have those who treat such people as to bums and a hindrance, and those who faced them, will never forget them. But nevertheless, people do not lose hope that everything, will be settled some image. Another thing is that these hopes are illusive as a smoke. They can be helped only by the state. I do not speak has to, I speak, maybe, as our state and nothing has to for a long time nobody! To us, of

Professional beggars. It is a separate subject for conversation, they in general cannot be carried to the category of bums. They voluntarily and absolutely consciously chose such way of life to earn money. And at them it perfectly turns out. I will give only one example: journalists made experiment at the station - having changed clothes, only two hours staid, begging, and earned more than 300 rubles! It is clear, that this business brings very good money, and, as a rule, it is through criminalized. Therefore performers, of course, never see this money, the most part settles in pockets of criminal leaders. But it is impossible to call such people bums. They, as a rule, have documents, they are dressed unlike purer, than their neighbors real bums.

So whom I call by the presents? These are those who really have no documents, do not work (and not so much because cannot how many because do not want), and, the most important, at them is not present desire something any more to change in the life. It is the last, most first floor! Bottom! Such cannot cause positive emotions, even the compassion is mixed with a big share of fastidiousness. And the compassion is also not necessary for them, by and large such people long ago learned to use the situation that to cut down ( to earn language does not turn about such to tell) money for vodka and some snack. It already nothing is necessary, and it is impossible to help them, just because they do not wait for the help and do not want. And the help it will break against a wall of misunderstanding and aggression rather as to bring the person out of his dreamland (and all of them inadequately treat reality), it is all the same, what not to give to the addict a dose. In reply it is possible to receive only damnations and aggression.

And, at last, last and most terrible layer " pie; into which bums are divided. Bums are children. The reasons for which they get on the street - different, but one unites their. Any child did not get on the street just like that. Behind everyone difficult destiny, parents are also, as a rule, guilty. More rare it is the lost children who for various reasons could not be found. And here again the fault lies on us, adults! How many times you saw dirty flocks of teenagers on the street? And at least once just called militia? Reported about it? And to calculate habitats of teenagers not so just because they are weaker than those who it is constant on the street, teenagers intuitively learn to disappear, and achieve at the same time such results what did not dream spies and saboteurs. And your help can appear militia very necessary not so much how many to teenagers. To rescue from the street at least one is to save life to the person! And it is invaluable.

Here also it turns out that except simple human participation, real help to bums cannot almost be given! And this problem will not disappear by itself, but something should be done! And who will answer this question? I do not know the answer, and you?

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