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Who played women, or Hello, I am your aunt!

As say one aphorism, of the woman are capable of everything, men - of all the rest . that men are capable on all the rest we do not doubt, but whether they are capable of that though some time to stay the woman? No, the speech now not about secret imaginations or change of sexual orientation. Just there is a wish to remember the famous desperate men whom we at least once saw in a dress.

All this history with transformations in the woman began still davny - long ago. Even Sophocles, having put own tragedy Navsikaya itself played a role of the main character. Further - Shakespeare`s theater and, of course, Kabuki. That was demanded by traditions: all roles were played only by men, and to women on a stage was forbidden to appear. However bans gradually became obsolete, and interest at the stronger sex remained to feel in opposite role.

Most of modern men - actors resolutely objects against female component their natures also assures that play women, being guided by purely professional skills. Very few people remember that Charlie Chaplin shot the short movie Woman . In this picture great mute represented the lean shrew from common people who fights an umbrella, tightens a skirt and highly jumps up before being let in a pursuit. This role of Chaplin inspired and helped Alexander Kalyagin, by his recognition, to get used to a role of the aunt Charley in the movie Hello, I am your aunt! .

Ability to wear women`s clothing, especially shoes on heels, for many men was one of the most difficult tasks which should be overcome in a role. Kalyagin, for example, the dress rendered habitable very diligently, practically without removing it even in a lunch break . And Oleg Tabakov who played a role of the shop assistant Klava in the performance Always on sale (" theater; Contemporary ) struck all a bright make-up, a huge beads and relaxedness with which his heroine put a leg on a stool and corrected tights. Then Tabakov created on the screen picturesque (the truth, in my opinion, excessively grotesque) Mrs. Andrew`s domomuchitelnitsa in the movie Mary Poppins, good-bye! . In an actor`s arsenal of Nikolay Karachentsov - at once several female roles: in the movie " Auction; and picture Good luck to you, misters . He played the real man who owing to vital circumstances was forced to dress up as the woman in the last and to participate in a beauty contest, coming to a podium. Naturally, on hairpins. nobody will dare to start up

But a hairpin to such actors who are changing clothes in a dress. Above-mentioned Charlie`s aunt from Brazil where in the woods there is a lot of - many wild monkeys - one of the best roles of Kalyagin. In this role the actor treats the popularity philosophically: Now the third generation which knows me according to the movie " grew already; Hello, I am your aunt! - quietly he states. - If to speak Chekhovian language, then when tell: Kalyagin died! will go at once: and, it is that aunt of Charley! .

Oscar Wilde spoke: If you want to learn that actually the woman thinks, look at her, but do not listen . it is Thinly noticed, but, for example, on a platform it does not work. Akhmadullina, Novodvorskaya and especially Renata Litvinova performed by Maxim Galkin who did not change image - it is necessary to look at it not so much how many to listen. But other humorists master also female appearance with all its attributes: Yury Stoyanov from " succeeded in it enough; Town then - Yury Galtsev, and to nobody the famous actor Andrey Danilko became famous only thanks to the Verka - Serdyuchke.

But the western actors and actors did not lag behind us and for a long time " too; put on a " dress;. In the movie In the jazz only girls Marilyn Monroe could not draw more attention, than women performed by Jack Lemmon (Dafna) and Tony Curtice (Josephine). On a role Josephine periodically turned back into the man, and here Jack Lemmon remained is faithful to the heroine up to the end. Dafna, after the offer to her hands and hearts performing, lying on a bed, is, of course, deification of transformation.

And the jobless actor in the movie Tutsi (Dustin Hoffman), having changed in the woman, suddenly realizes that in this appearance he is much more successful and more interesting to people around and employers. Dorothy - she is cleverer than me - he admits, carefully combing its wig. But besides money and popularity, many unknown earlier female problems appear: what to put on a dinner how to beat off sticking of men and whether long still to be simply girlfriend for the girlfriend.

But Dorothy actually is more attractive, than Dustin Hoffman in person what you will not tell about lady in movies House of big mother and The House of big mother - 2 . The actor Martin Lawrence turned into fat Black mummy, however even this, almost always an advantageous metamorphosis, did not bring popularity to movies. I do not know, however, as also John Travolta who, according to the latest data, will act in a female role in the movie " will look; " Hairspray;. 52 - the summer actor will play mother of the main character - girls - the teenager who dreams to become a dancer. Pulp fiction as we remember, the actor glorified also the tremendous dance so several crown movements daughters Travolta will be able to show.

In the movie of the same name Mel Gibson (the truth, without changing clothes for this purpose in a dress) tried to understand, what is wanted by the woman . It is necessary to tell that, having even got into intimate female thoughts, to understand it it is very problematic. And many men in main female roles did not pass one and only, but too the main test - test by love. Aunt Kalyagina broke a dress, having seen the girl of the dream; heroine Hoffman, having thrown everything, immediately turned back into Michael, having hardly understood that she can lose love So, dear men, it is not necessary to think long that is wanted by the woman. She wants the same what and you - love. Well still plus zheltenky suit from clothes of the woman of fashion Dorothy.