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What is a guarana?

Word guarana heard for the first time, caused in me some strange associations, I understood it when to me suggested to try this guarana once. Perhaps, except me there are still people who neither hearing nor spirit did not hear earlier this overseas word, but I at once imagined a zoo and animal, similar to a huge lizard. But, when presented me a cup with drink which on my eyes was poured from a bottle on which sticker some berries were drawn, it became clear to me that it is only soft drink unfamiliar to me with sourish fruit taste.

Having returned from a party, decided to liquidate the gaps in botany and to learn about a plant of which do such tasty and invigorating drink. In - the first, I learned that drink from guarana fruits along with traditionally favourite drinks of coffee and tea, is very popular in Brazil where generally and this plant grows. In - the second, the guarana, tea and coffee have something the general: all of them contain caffeine, and the cup of a guarana may contain three times more caffeine, than just the same cup of coffee.

And so, guarana or Paul í nia cup á na Kunth (by the name of S. Paulie (1603 - 1680) - the researcher of flora of Denmark) - an evergreen creeping bush from family sapindovy - Sapindaceae, grows in a river basin Amazon in Brazil and Venezuela (Dictionary of herbs).

the Wild-growing guarana can be met in various districts of the State of Amazonas in Brazil who was there - knows. But, there are already a lot of years in such states as Brazil, Couple, Goias and to the Mat - to Groce the guarana is grown up also for the industrial purposes.

Under favorable conditions for a guaran can climb up height to ten meters. Its dark branches are framed with leaves of an oval form with cloves at the edges and the flowers on short shanks collected in inflorescences. The plant begins to bear fruits only for the third year, in January or February. And from a five-year bush of a guarana it is already possible to collect about about three kilograms of fruits.

The fruit of a guarana of usually yellow color with brightly - a red top, supports one or two smooth oval trip the size approximately about grape. These - that seeds, but not pulp, are also the main product from which Brazilians cook drink. Therefore for removal of this pulp fruits at first soak. After office of a juicy cover seeds are washed, dried up, roasted and crushed in powder. Later this powder containing caffeine is mixed with water, adding sometimes some cocoa and cassavas (the sort of plants of family of molochayny, grows in tropics of America).

Local Indians used guarana fruits for preparation not only toning for a long time, but also medical drink. They knew the true price to these fruits. Indians crushed the seeds separated from pulp and mixed with water for obtaining the test. They made sticks up to 15 centimeters and 2,5 centimeters long of this test in the diameter.

After drying of a stick became firm as a stone, - so, according to ancient tradition, in the countries with roast and a humid climate many products kept. Subsequently dry sticks from a guarana pounded on a palatal bone of big fish - arapayma, and then added this powder to water or to fruit juice.

The Brazilian Indians took drink for restoration of forces after hard wearisome work. Watching Indians and miracle influence of drink, the Brazilian colonialists also made it the favourite drink.

At the beginning of the 19th century, in 1816 - m to year, the guarana got to Europe: at first to France, then to Germany. However in Europe the guarana did not get accustomed from - for the high cost.

But this drink became more popular in Brazil every year, it is even considered as panacea from many illnesses. In 1905 - m year the Brazilian doctor Luis Pereira to Barret praised the one who for the first time made this drink and noticed its useful properties, having brought thereby huge benefit to people.

Many adherents of drink from a guarana note its medicinal properties, claiming that it is not just tonic, but also the demulcent supporting work of heart, and also effective medicine against arteriosclerosis. It is considered that the guarana helps also at treatment of dysentery, migraine and neuralgia.

It is confirmed by both various homeopathic medicines, and food additives on the basis of a guarana which appear all in bigger assortment recently.