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Where Alexander Vertinsky was born?

Are surprising that it is so poorly known of such talented person and the outstanding actor as Alexander Vertinsky. Here that is written in the Soviet Encyclopaedic Dictionary 1990 - go years of the edition: Vertinsky Alexander Nikolaevich (1889 - 1957), Russian Soviet performer. Acted since 1915 (since 1919 abroad), since 1943 in the USSR. It it is refined - intimate manner of performance differed in a variety of intonations, expressiveness of gestures. Author of music and texts of a number of songs. Acted in at film. State award USSR (1951) . It is a little, even the city in which Alexander Nikolaevich was born is not specified. Much to astonishment of, in the similar Ukrainian edition there is no article about Vertinsky at all.

Once record of sketches of the speech of Vertinsky which he prepared for a premiere of the film " caught sight to me; Anger Flame removed in 1955 - m to year on the Kiev film studio of A. Dovzhenko where he played two roles:

My dear fellow countrymen! My dear Kiev residents!

Today I want to tell you what has not a direct bearing on this movie and on my work on these two roles which I played in the picture Anger Flame but that plays a major role in my emergence on screens of Ukraine - in general. The matter is that I as you probably know - the Ukrainian - on the birth, and besides the Kiev resident. I was born, studied, brought up in this wonderful, unique city.

I grew up on coast of Dnieper, this rich, free, blossoming earth which is not present equal in the world! I am Kiev resident. Here, nearby, against the Zolotovorotsky garden, in the house No. 43 down the street of Korolenko, former Big Vladimir, - I was born. Each stone of this city - I know. Each chestnut - was at me still a young man, and now he is a high, curly, sprawling handsome - the man! And in branches it is sung by nightingales! It is not important at all as I played roles in this movie! Not to me to judge it! But the fact that I played them in Ukrainian is important. I am proud of this Natalya Mikhaelovna Uzhvy somehow on shooting told

to me: The fact that you learned language it is still clear - language can be learned, but from where you have original Ukrainian intonations? .

I then, nearly crying with happiness, I answered it: Yes I was born here! Same my Homeland! .

Really, in the house No. 43 down the street Vladimir in Kiev, there lived the outstanding singer and the actor Alexander Nikolaevich Vertinsky. Here he was born, and in this house there passed its nurseries and not absolutely joyful years: in 5 years he already remained orphan. After death of parents Alexander and his elder sister Nadezhda were brought up at relatives. Music which he heard on city streets, and also singing of church choir in Vladimirsky Cathedral, and a song of blind kobza players who sang then in the Kiev yards was the most joyful impressions of the childhood for Alexander Vertinsky. So there took place its training in music

In the eve of World War I Alexander Vertinsky with the friend artist Alexander Osmerkin moved to Moscow as he considered that in Kiev its opportunities were exhausted. In Moscow his youthful dream - since 1912 came true - go years Vertinsky began to act in at film. And when in 1915 - the m took place to year his debut as singer, he was already the famous film actor. Before the emigration in 1919 - m to year Vertinsky acted in 18 - ti movies, some were put on his own songs.

A. N. Vertinsky worked hard in emigration, his creativity was known in many countries of the world and though he sang generally at the Russian restaurants and small halls where emigrants came from Russia - it did not belittle his talent. Vertinsky had no conservatoire education and the trained singing voice too, but some internal attractive force and the vital truth in its songs pleased heart, lightened mood.

Having returned in 1943 - m to year from emigration, Vertinsky began to sing in the homeland. But to it treated not as the famous and popular singer and as to the beginning actor, and once to establish to the singer a fee rate, he was invited to the tariff commission to find out whether it has any awards for creative activity. But concerning awards, diplomas, certificates on participation in competitions, etc. Vertinsky answered all questions: Alas, anything, except the world name .

Vertinsky, really, had a World name and, whatever one may do, in it there is something mysterious. A world name at the singer debarred strong and beautiful singing from voting - in any case! Almost unvoiced and in young years, and age, having perfected a mimicry and gesture, did not add a voice, - at the singer who it is clear, nearly expressly burred, slightly lisped, in general - mispronounced kind heels or to a poludyuzhin of sounds and a little in a nose sang pretentious, touching songs World name? Riddle! *

The writer Yury Karlovic Olesha somehow told about Vertinsky: it was for me the phenomenon of art which character I cannot define, but which for me is lovelier than others - art strange, fantastic .

Shalyapin, Mayakovsky, Bulgakov Liked to listen to Vertinsky Vertinsky`s songs exerted a great influence on creativity of his many contemporaries. Thanks to the original talent it became a sign figure of the Soviet and world art 20 - go centuries.

Several years prior to death the destiny brought Vertinsky into the hometown - the city of his childhood. Here, on a film studio of Dovzhenko he acted in two movies: Anger Flame in 1955 - m to year (director T. V. Levchuk) and Bloody dawn in 1956 - m to year (director A. Shvachko).

During stay in Kiev Vertinsky, having as if a presentiment that his life comes to the end, under the influence of the gushed feelings writes the poem. In it Alexander Nikolaevich makes a declaration of love to the hometown - the city which gave it life, to the city which accepted it after so many years of wandering, to the city which returned it to the childhood:

Kiev - the Homeland gentle,

the Youth Sounding to me in a dream,

my rebellious,

At last you returned to me!

I am ready to kiss your streets,

to Nestle on your areas,

Ya already grew old, stooped,

Lost already count of years

A your chestnuts dense,

of the Church chandelier of spring -

Everything blossom, mighty as before,

Protect my children`s dreams.

I go on the hometown,

As on a cemetery of young days,

I remember Each stone from the youth,

Each bush - grew at me.

Here then traded in ice cream,

A on the left - there was a kalancha

Regret me, My God, My God!.

Burns down my candle!. **


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