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How the great magician Gudini got rid of fetters?

in a family of the rabbi - the emigrant who lived in Budapest occurred on March 2, 1874 tragic events. This day two of its died eldest the son. And at the wife who is on the eighth month of pregnancy after such emotional shake-up premature birth began.

The boy was born weakened, and the attitude towards him in a family was, to put it mildly, not really good as its birth in such day was counted not just as an omen of misfortune, and a bad sign. But in such situation at the boy character became tempered: he had to be in private to adversities, without hoping for someone`s help. And therefore in naive children`s dreams it represented itself(himself) the powerful magician, assuming that it only this way will be able to protect itself(himself) from injustice.

Since young years Eric Weis (so called this boy) fell in love with circus. For the first time he got to it the six-year-old child, and years with 12 earned to himself a living by unpretentious focuses. Once its ways - roads were crossed with the conjurer Spaniard Torres who is going on tour in Budapest, and this meeting became rotary. The boy chose to himself a sonorous name of Harry and a surname of Gudini in honor of the magician of all times and Jean Eoudgen Robber`s people - Gudina.

In the childhood many boys and little girls possess sufficient flexibility of joints of hands and legs. By wearisome trainings of Harry brought the extremities to a state when they remind plasticine more. That is, they could be bent and bent under different corners, extending sometimes nearly to a condition of thickness of a standard sheet.

One of the American police officers (and by then Harry moved to Chicago after death of the father in 1892), was literally dumbfounded when the young man approached it with an unusual request - to put on it cuffs. The cop did not force itself to persuade long. The guy turned away literally for a second, and then handed to the police officer the same bracelets .

Perhaps, someone still considers that durilovka with thimbles - the invention of the middle 80 - x years of the 20th century. As if not so! Young Gudini by youth thus earned to himself a living, however, in Chicago it was called Game in a pea which needed to be found under one of three saucers. Having solid preparation, Gudini did not know what is loss. However, and there the police did not differ in loyalty to " at all; to thimbleriggers so Harry was both a mechanic, and the cleaner of footwear, and the messenger of newspapers.

Soon the brother - Teo joined it. Together they showed focus which was invented by John Maskelin in 1864. Its essence consisted in the following: Teo was connected by hands and locked in a box. Harry got up on a box cover, and then the curtain was drawn. On the account three the curtain was drawn aside - and everything cardinally changed - Teo stood on a box, and Harry appeared with the connected hands inside.

This focus was pleasant to one Chicago to the bear-hunter who quickly realized that with these children it is possible to cook porridge. He trained in art of breaking up of locks of Harry, but did not manage to use science fruits - died in firefight. And for Gudini it was the excellent school.

A bit later on New Street - York he met nice Bess who saw in it not just a star of circus, and the person with whom it is possible to build the family cosiness. Teo was left without couple, and in a chest Bess hid now. But not to pull down to the brother business, Harry decided to go with the wife to Europe. Actually, in their performance there was a little magic, but the audience liked focuses with disappearance or disposal of fetters.

Last year 80 years since that moment as Harry died were executed. Both all this time illusionists and just inquisitive people try to solve an essence of its focuses. For example, disappearance from an iron box. The box from thick sheet iron was shown to the audience: you will not sap, any defect. As soon as Gudini got into him, the audience closed a cover. The conjurer pushed through openings bolts from within, and outside the audience wound nuts and inserted hairpins for reliability.

But in a minute Harry, indifferently appeared over a box! If in a box there were no defects, then, obviously, the secret was in bolts! They were turned out in some special way from within.

Or a disappearance secret from a white horse. Gudini in a blue suit appeared on a scene astride a horse and passed by the assistants dressed in white. Explosion flash! The easy smoke curls around a horse and the conjurer! And Gudini disappeared from eyes of the audience! But at the same time remained on a scene. During bright flash it broke the blue form made of paper and remained in a white suit among assistants. The small chest just opened!

But it is only a solution of two focuses. It does not make sense to decipher the others. People want to trust in miracles, and we will not disappoint them. And for inquisitive it is possible to list some most remembered. It is focus with the big dairy can with a wide mouth up to the top filled with water of which in several seconds Harry got out. And disappearance from a huge paper bag from which it appeared. And pass through a brick or steel wall. And revolt from a coffin which was dug.

In fact the same focuses are in an arsenal of outstanding illusionists, for example, of David Kopperfild today.

And what Harry and Bess`s family tactics is not interesting by? If Gudini raised three times the right eyebrow - the wife had to become silent. And if Bess became angry, then he left the house, bent around it within several minutes and threw a hat into a window. The wife threw out a hat back, forward, again to bypass the house!

Harry adored revealing secrets of other magicians and, most likely, on it lost . In any case, he died ridiculously, one of students in Montreal employed by competitors hit him in an abdominal tension when Gudini did not manage to strain muscles. However, there is still a version - Harry was revenged by the exposed mediums - spiritists.

By the way, solutions of the focuses of Gudini did not leave anywhere. And the birthplace became one of its main secrets. To be absolute the American, he in the middle of the life thought up a legend according to which he was born in the city of Appleton, State of Wisconsin. Some still trust in it