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What is salad?

What is salad?, It seems, everything is simple: you cut vegetables, greens, sometimes meat or fish, or something there still, you mix, you add oil or mayonnaise, you salt and you eat. And all? As Brisket in Gold calf you enter into yourself necessary amount of proteins, fats and carbohydrates?

Well, it is boring, ladies and gentlemen. And about all cookery it is possible to tell that it is only a way of processing of foodstuff. No. Preparation of salads as part of cookery is a high art, sacrament. And if you want not just to fill a stomach than got, and to receive and to give others pleasure, treat salads seriously.

There are no dishes, more various, than salads. Why? Yes just because of products of which they can consist, much more, than letters in any alphabet, and even, I will not be afraid to tell, more, than hieroglyphs in a double-Dutch.

Still the Ancient Greek philosopher Tit Lucretius Kar wrote: - You See how letters are strong only one change of an order? And the same as letters it is possible to express everything, from the Bible to an inscription on a fence, and from components of salad it is possible to create both a masterpiece of culinary art, and absolutely inedible silo.

It is difficult to find the product which is not used in salads. And there is nothing to speak about vegetables. Greens - are such green leaves which and are called - salad. Fruit - as much as necessary. Meat, fish, bird? Both boiled, and smoked, and tinned. Cheese, sausage, eggs? Of course. Grain? It is less recipes with a semolina, buckwheat, rice, but they are! Use even macaroni.

And seasoning of salad? Do not think that business is limited only to oil, sour cream and mayonnaise. And mustard, vinegar, tomato paste? Add juice, syrups, kefir to salads. Do not forget salt, pepper and other spices. In a word, apply any edible products to salad.

But to you it is not necessary to put an equal-sign between salad and other culinary works. Salads stand independently. Any hostess will tell, than salad differs from, apparently, same vegetable stew on structure.

All the matter is that salads never subject to culinary processing AFTER mixing of components. And all primitive usefulness of the crude products entering salad, all vitamins and mineral salts remain in the same original state.

Yes, for example, potatoes, eggs, meat boil some components of salads, others - cabbage, - make sour fish, mushrooms, salt, pickle, but all this BEFORE mixing, each ingredient separately.

Therefore taste of components of salad is not averaged, each vegetable, fruit or a piece of meat plays the violin, executing the most difficult symphony of taste, aroma and... appearance.

And, it is necessary to tell you, the smell of tasty food and its appearance are capable to awaken appetite still before you try it. They, actually, are also that signal whether it is possible to eat this food.

Moreover, happens that the person does not love this or that food product, so, for example, children often do not want to eat so necessary with it cod-liver oil, or boiled onions. But if imperceptibly to add them to salad, the same child will eat hated products greedily, without knowing it.