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How to create salad? As this decoration of a table is correct to prepare

? First of all, the vegetables and fruit coming to salad in the raw should be washed up carefully, more carefully, than products which you boil. It is an axiom.

But here is how to wash? Leaves of plants - salad, spinach, fennel should be washed afloat . In a big basin to pour more water, to pour out in it leaves. To slightly rinse them in water. Then dirt, dust, lumps of the earth will pass into water or will accumulate at the bottom of a bowl. Then to pull out leaves, and to merge water. Having rinsed a bowl, to repeat this operation still few times, for greater effect. In the same way it is possible to wash fruit, cucumbers, tomatoes.

It is not necessary to keep vegetables in water long. From it they lose taste and aroma, from them vitamins and salts are washed away. Therefore it is necessary to wash them just before crushing.

A little differently it is necessary to wash the products intended for boiling. It is the best of all to wash the root crops polluted by the earth by means of a special brush. But not to clean before boiling. Meat, a bird, fish - under a water stream.

Each product should be boiled separately. Only this way you keep a maximum of specific features of everyone. It is better to cook vegetables in densely closed pan, with the minimum quantity of water, almost on couple. It is important not to digest them. Let will be better for a floor ready.

The boiled products should be cooled completely. Vegetables and eggs can be cleaned and warm, but then to cool all the same. The salad made from warm vegetables is tasteless and quickly spoils, mayonnaise and sour cream in warm salad lose a consistence.

Responsible operation - cutting. The cabbage, onions are usually cut thin strips. It is possible on a grater, just as crude vegetables, cheese. Fruit and the boiled vegetables - cubes, slices, segments. Meat - small pieces, across fibers. Fish - slices, carefully clearing of bones.

It is important that everything was cut exactly and thinly, a sharp knife. The knife has to be corrosion-proof, the rust instantly destroys vitamins.

Speak, one of secrets of the famous cook Olivier whose name is born by popular salad consisted just in ability to cut components in a special way. Many tried to make this salad as he prepared, but nothing was impossible. As the famous Russian writer Gilyarovsky - " wrote about it; that and not that .

We mix components. At once a question how many what to take? Recipes - the sea, the ocean. But, I beg you, do not rely entirely on recipes. It is all the same that to draw a picture according to the instruction, following copy-books about where how many and what paint to put on an easel. You create. Defer to the taste, the imagination and common sense. And everything at you will turn out.

Following creative a question how to mix. It is possible just to mix everything, and it is possible and not simply, and to lay out components layers, as in " salad; under a " fur coat;. It is possible to create also more complex compositions. Various florets mushrooms and congratulatory inscriptions. Dare.

Here already we adjoin to the highest esthetics - how to decorate salad so that not only language and a nose rejoiced but also to indulge eyes. The imagination ran low? Involve in production of salads of children, they - that will imagine. And at the same time, and cookeries will learn.

And, at last, joyful instant. Guests sit at the table laid by a snow-white cloth, filled with various food and refined drinks. What to begin with? Of course, from salad. Because salad is a prolog, a prelude, the overture of a lunch.

Guests, be not afraid to destroy beauty created by the hostess fill to yourself more more safely. Be not afraid to overeat - from good salad badly does not happen, and the hostess will only be glad that her creation has success.

Also do not forget to give a toast to it, and her diligence!