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As it is correct to choose a carriage, or Conveniently has to be to two.

Here also there came the long-awaited moment, small a sopelka, accurately wrapped up in laces and a blanket, waits for a meeting with the world. The first walk - it is very important! And the carriage which is specially bought under color of eyes of the kid is ready to accept the precious goer. But, having only come to the platform to the elevator, you understand that the carriage will not get into a narrow aperture. Nothing remains, a carriage in hands and on foot down, on the way convulsively reflecting and how I will return on the 6th floor?

Of course, it is good when houses are close people, always ready to help, but all this could be avoided. There is several advice, got on experience of many young families.

1. Width.

Is good if you in the house have a freight elevator, it solves a problem. But if is not present before going to shop behind a carriage, measure elevator aperture width in public. Measure width not of the carriage in shop, and from a wheel to a wheel.

2. Handle.

is Very convenient if the handle of a carriage changes an inclination. Then you will be able quietly to adjust it under the growth. It is known that the most ergonomic is the corner in 45 degrees to a breast carrying a carriage. Remarkably, when the handle has two provisions - on the course and against, it will allow you to watch the kid when he sleeps, and will not prevent your researcher to stare on the parties.

3. Cradle.

the Campaign to the doctor noticeable will become simpler if you just take out the kid from a carriage together with a cradle - carrying. Also conveniently, having come from walk, not having disturbed a dream of the kid accurately to transfer to the aired room or on a balcony. Cradles can play a role of matrasik, some are made of natural fillers, like coconut flakes. Of course, the cradle has pluses in the winter, it considerably warms a carriage, and gives you full confidence that the kid will not freeze.

4. Washing.

Is remarkable when all parts of a carriage are removed, and are quietly erased in the machine. Unfortunately, not all firms - producers think over this moment. It is very convenient for those who use a house carriage if wheels easily are removed, then after walk they can be removed, carefully to wash and with the same ease to attach into place.

5. Transformer or classics?

it is A lot of pluses and minuses at all models of carriages. But the majority of positive responses are the share of so-called carriages - transformers. They will allow you to turn quietly a carriage in sedentary when your kid grows up. It saves also finance, so necessary for other needs. The majority of transformers have the built-in raincoat for only a few seconds covering with a dome a carriage in case of bad weather. Transformers easily develop and perfectly are located in a car trunk.

6. Wheels. to

For the soft course of a carriage on uneven paths will be suitable inflatable wheels better, they considerably will amortize on all hollows and potholes. But if you are sure that a maximum of your roughnesses - these are cracks in asphalt, and cast wheels will approach, the main thing - check shock-absorbers of the carriage. It is good to buy a carriage with thick and big wheels, it will help you to pass on snow - like on dry land.

7. Basket and pockets.

the Visit of shop with a carriage will turn into entertainment if in the bottom of a carriage there is a strong basket. It releases hands and the cart for purchases it is not necessary to take. Baskets happen not removed, wire, or rag, on buttons. It is important to check whether well buttons are fixed. The small bottle with water, packing of wet towel wipes and sandwich for you will always get into a pocket for trifles.

8. Weight.

I the last in the list, but not on value, is of course weight. The carriage has to be very easy, when the kid will grow up, you should run behind him. And excess weights absolutely to anything. Therefore the carriages reinforced for safety - not the best decision. Just think how many forces you should apply to turn a carriage aside. And how many once a day.

Here, perhaps, and all. Each mummy selects color, design and accessories to carriages individually, I will notice the only thing that babies till 3 months distinguish only yellow and green color. I hope that the carriage bought by you will bring only positive emotions.