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About what whisper flowers?

Why flowers are so bright? Why they are beautiful? Yes because so plants advertize themselves Draw with flowers of a plant attention of insects - pollinators. And people.

And time so, time flowers call us, so there is special language of flowers, and it is possible to use it for transfer of certain additional data to those to whom we give them. For example, I love you (I do not love) I trust you (I do not trust) you remember (forget) me . Well, than not telepathy for profane persons.

And attempts to deal with language of flowers were not slow to appear. Began, as well as many other things, from the East. There language of flowers found even own name - To Villages .

At first people paid attention to a color of flowers. And here psychophysiological features of our sight unambiguously worked.

Really, red color quite naturally is associated at us with fire and blood, and, so with great feeling feelings, passion, with the life. And if you present a bouquet of scarlet roses, it will tell about your bright feelings, love, passion.

And blue delphiniums or irises will hint at how to you it is sad, cold as you long.

White flowers will be told of purity, innocence and... griefs! Yes, yes, as it appeared, the different people perceive different colors differently.

Gradually language of flowers developed, people began to use not only a color, but also a species of flowers, their quantity and even an order of their arrangement in a bouquet.

Also it turned out that in the different countries and at different times the same flowers designated absolutely different concepts. That is, the speech already goes not about language, and about many languages of flowers.

In the modern world the most developed language of flowers is the Japanese ikebana. But it is separate conversation, and we have to are interested, first of all, the realities.

With grief it is noted that language of flowers is practically known to nobody. It and remained in numerous songs, and broad masses almost do not apply it. Also it is caused by many circumstances.

In - the first, there is eternally not enough time. To our electronic century it is far more convenient to send the SMS - ku to the mobile phone.

In - the second, there is chronically not enough money. Flowers - that now, how much? For intensive correspondence no grant will be enough.

In - the third, flower education can just not be enough. Let`s tell, the Pleasant Gentleman sent to the Great Lady yellow tulips, and she apprehended it as a change sign. Actually there is also other interpretation. He just praised her smile.

And here to liquidate flower illiteracy, we bring russko - the flower dictionary, is more faithful very short excerpt from the version accepted at the time of a romantic 18th century.

Restrictions are accepted for two reasons. The complete list would not be located in article, besides, now in the afternoon with fire will not find some flowers on our counters.

So what tell flowers about?

And I am offended - the Barberry

Take care, the deadly enemy nearby - Akonit of

I will Always be true - the Violet blue

I Long, is sad - Astra

Den of a meeting on number of buds - Hyacinth

Still I hope... - An anemone

Wait for news - Iris

Why you torment me with whims? - The hand bell

Sincerely yours - the Gladiolus

Seems, you have another? - A dandelion

I Love you - the Rose, the Chrysanthemum, the Tulip, Adonis - all red

seems to me, you are too selfish - the Narcissus

I Hate you, you are disgusting - the Lily orange

Remain same fine how you are - whether the Narcissus

you Fall in love with me sometime? - Jasmine

I Am jealous, I Try to keep feelings - the Rose yellow

Outside I venomous, but inside kind and soft - the Cactus

I Grieve - the Camellia pink

Be consoled, calm down - Mack, the Snowdrop

of Fi, you disappointed me - the Carnation yellow

I Am loyal - the Gentian

Colour of my soul - the Lily of the valley

Hour of appointment by quantity of flowers - the Hand bell

the Minx, the little rascal - Hyacinth

Shchegol, the shchegolikha - the Geranium red

is a vision, deception, delusion - the Dope

Youth left, and the love remained - the Chrysanthemum white

Ya is innocent - the Carnation white

you noticed, the same flower can have several interpretation, and different flowers can designate the same concept. And the flower, the more values is more popular it has. Well, well, that it is easier for you to make the choice.

And let language of flowers can be considered only as game now, but it is fine game!