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But whether not to stick together some truffles by a holiday?

Surprising spring day today. It would seem, the spring only - only appeared, and in the thought head a spot of sunlight jump, by summer aspire. Make a start from eight-March preparations, fly to knitted bathing suits and run away to a solar scattering of waves of the July sea.

Already also you luxuriate on the Black Sea coast, you drink cocktail (by all means cocktail!) having given to languid beams of the sun, also you look at group of the children building castles of sand, molding pies, cakes and truffles.

Precisely! And this decision! For March Eighth I will surely make truffles which it is from the childhood. Those which earlier we with the cousin little sister prepared for the mothers as a gift.

Nothing is more tasty than those, man-made I did not eat some truffles. By the way, delicacies and sweets I tried a big set, however taste of home-made truffles is seasoned with children`s memoirs and ritual of preparation.

We mixed compound products, cooked, molded from the turned-out mass of candy, packed into self-made painted boxes, and several days around the refrigerator went then, gradually trying the received sweets on readiness.

Already also I reached an archival notebook with diligently rewritten recipes, and the required recipe of truffles appeared just between the recipe of salad from a saury (certainly, an ingenious thing!) and recipe of the " cookies; " Brushwood; (fingers you will lick ).

So, the Recipe from the childhood


1 pack of butter,

of 150 grams of milk,

6 - 9 of teaspoons of cocoa,

1,5 glasses of sugar,

1 pack of wafers,

1 pack of the children`s mix Baby .


Oil, milk, cocoa and sugar carefully to mix and cook 5 minutes. Further to mix the received weight with the mix Baby and a stuffing from wafers. To mold from formed " test; and to put candies for half an hour in the refrigerator. To crush, roll in the remained wafers wafer crumbs of candy. To put for several days in the refrigerator.

Found one more, - Truffles with ice cream


one ice cream,

1 glass of sugar,

1 pack of butter,

1 tablespoon of cocoa,

of 100 grams of chocolate,

1 pack of the children`s mix Baby .


Frozen, sugar, oil and a half of chocolate to mix and put on fire. Gradually to pour a mix " pack into hot weight; Baby carefully to mix. In a plate a thin layer that only covered a bottom to fill cocoa (in order that chocolate did not stick) and to rub there a half of chocolate. To roll the cooled-down weight in cone-shaped candies and to roll them in chocolate. To put ready truffles in the refrigerator for several days.

Solar March all and tasty truffles by a holiday!