Rus Articles Journal

What is very quickly ?

you look for an opportunity long ago with optimum comfort to receive a maximum of new impressions for the minimum money?

Your widely open eyes are capable to be surprised, rejoice, share optimism, to empathize, coquet, grin, admire 24 hours a day - a bus tour for you! In a week to visit 4 countries, to make about them own representation - it is possible only in a dream. Or traveling by bus. Why the automobile option is not considered: there to call the driver the tourist language does not turn, the toiler.

Once itself suits a bus extreme if:

On foot usually you go only from an entrance to the tram, and three stops are a marathon distance.

You do not recognize the principle of one-man management of the guide in group, and will assert the right on 15 - minute delay in Hague Court.

Your normal cleanliness (a daily shower) has no options (to wash dew, a rain, to bathe in fog ).

You cannot limit the physiological requirements from the parking to the parking as to go in it in everything you will be together with the others 45 - yu passengers of the bus. Because, unfortunately, conveniences in our buses are designed for hamsters.

You with a bus tour are created for each other if:

you rather sports person and your favourite sports - sports walking and explaining the ground. In these sports you not the fan and the theorist, and at least the rated sportsman, and the corresponding equipment (especially footwear) is your second skin.

Your favourite literary genre (in a smoking-room) - stories skilled . You can safely screw next byl about And once in Paris I sit it on Montmartre . And hardly anyone will dare to doubt truthfulness of a legend, the visa in the passport is. And with the friend - the photoshop can be proved to be in the most tempting companies and interiors.

Your healthy herd instinct is capable to lead you not only on capture of the Bastille (someone was already ahead of us, in my opinion), but also in Louvre, both to the red light district, and in a zoo, is exclusive with the informative purposes.

You are tolerant to casual fellow travelers and do not refuse to them the right to have small weaknesses (in the form of snore or excessive talkativeness, or indispensable desire to learn your opinion apropos ). Eventually, you can be glad for yourself - to you to suffer this society only week, and to someone and all life!

A dream sitting - it is your crown, fulfilled at work trick (in public transport, at the TV, looking after children at a playground, etc.) .

You, as well as great Bonaparte, prefer to any most to rasparizhsky " perfume; smell of a natural body of a neskolkodnevny nemytost.

Concept shopping for you it is as little significant as circle quadrature or fog Andromedy. Outlets interest you only from a position of acquisition of souvenirs, but this good in any place, attractive to tourists, for every taste now.

You do not deny a role of the Personality in the history because for the next historical period your guide - charming will be such personality, erudite, sociable, benevolent, witty, careful. And depends on it whether your voyage will enter the annals of history or you will try to forget somewhat quicker this history as a bad dream. You can believe - to operate casual adult collective in others language environment without creation a swagger - major situations not to each Napoleon in power!

You want to feel that:

- in Poland are expensive equal, but narrow, at windows of houses there are no lattices, and GAI officers are even angrier, than at us;

- in Berlin mixture of the full West with the abolished East causes bewilderment, but the Berlin zoo equalizes all fauna and reconciles. And our girls against local Frauen as the king the Sun against Quasimodo;

- in Paris the Eiffel Tower as that Mashenka from the fairy tale highly I sit, far I look - for the third day already strains. Concept Parisian " window; quite financially and incredibly elegantly. Parisians carry such sediment what our model fellow travelers and do not want to try on (why men turn off the head?) . Croissants and the French rolls imperceptibly differ from ours in taste, and it is very essential - the price. Gioconda indeed as the vigilant wife, does not take eyes from you in any corner of the hall. And transport problems in the center they have less at all, than in Moscow.

- in Amsterdam a main type of transport - the bicycle. Houses stand on water (and in the same place hemp at desire grows), and our 6 hundred parts are considered as a state. Toilers red light district issue checks at desire and are united in labor union, and their work is considered not less prestigious at all, than our shpaloukladchitsa. The Dutch seledochka differs from our Alyutor as that croissant from milk long loaf.

And in all countries treat Russians with sincere interest and respect. However even theoretical attempt to change Loire for Volga or the North Sea on so-so - the Russian Chernozem region was never recorded. However, communication happened more and more to the same inhabitants, without meetings at the highest levels but unless not for the sake of the people in due time Napoleon went to Russia?

Finally several practical advice:

1. Having 50 euros for expenses in days, you can capture the cultural program to the maximum, normally eat, buy suvenirchik and indulge yourself with some local exotic (like the Dutch seledochka, the French cheese, etc.) .

2. After 4 excursions a day (as a rule) there is no force left even on an evening planning meeting under a Bordeaux small bottle. If just you want at least to take a walk a couple of hours in the city - it is worth refusing something.

3. From clothes take with yourself an optimum minimum, without hope to sostirnut - if it is possible to arrange a postirushka, then will not manage to dry.

4. With special care choose footwear - any neraznoshenny new things or hairpins (are very injury-causing on cobblestone roads). The rastoptanny, your footwear, the more positive emotions is more habitual, more convenient you receive from excursions.

5. Limit baggage to ONE place, it is easier to operate at stops.

Happy journey and unforgettable emotions!