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Tell me how you sleep?

Many people do not even represent that their problems, character, the personality influence a pose in which they sleep. Looking at the sleeping person, psychologists can tell a lot of things about his problems. We can try to analyse it too. Let`s try?

Really, some scientists consider that the person, following habitual behavioural motives, as a rule, sleeps in the pose expressing his personality. In general physicians allocate five sonoobrazuyushchy poses: a pose of a germ, a semi-germ, a royal pose, lying on a stomach and having closed the head hands. On each of them it is possible to judge the identity of the person and sources of his problems. Scientists in the researches and poses of the sleeping spouses bypassed. Within ten years researchers from University of Edinburgh regularly observed how relatively the objects studied by them each other sleep. As a result it became clear that women, as a rule, turn over in the night from a side sideways after the man. There is it generally voluntarily - a weak half as if recognizes in advance for itself a role conducted also it is given to the winner. However at 15 - ti percent of couples of joint rotation either did not occur, or occurred upside-down. What said or about initial incompatibility, or that the woman, without feeling in the partner of the strong beginning, seeks to dominate.

At first we will consider five main poses:

GERM: The person lies on one side, having curled up, legs are bent, knees are tightened to a chin.

MEANS: Aspiration to be fenced off from the outside world, fear of the future, uncertainty in the forces, fear of self-realization. Such people more others are subject to stresses.

SEMI-GERM: It is the most widespread pose. On one side, legs are drawn slightly in.

MEANS: Steadiness, reliability, ability it is easy to adapt to any circumstances.

HANDS CLOSE the HEAD: Sleeping as if it is protected.

MEANS: Susceptibility to stresses, suspiciousness, mistrust to people, aspiration to constancy.

ROYAL POSE: Lying on a back, having stretched hands and legs.

MEANS: A habit since the childhood to be in the center of attention, superiority over other people, skill to communicate, openness.

LYING ON the STOMACH: Position of hands does not matter.

MEANS: Full self-checking, ability to plan the life, thoroughness, perfectionism.

All looked at themselves? All estimated what it speaks about ourselves? we will look at

Now on how couples sleep matrimonial (and not really):

The MAN lies on a stomach, having turned away from the partner, raskinuty extremities occupies all space.

the WOMAN was curtailed in a ball, tries to seem as it is possible more imperceptibly and in every possible way shows the isolation.

What it would mean: partners are not sure of the relations, and understood feelings not up to the end. To them it is still not too cozy with each other. Such situation during a dream is characteristic rather of couples which met quite recently. If after the first night together there passed already enough time, such pose testifies to serious problems in the relations.

The WOMAN lies on a back.

the MAN on one side, holds it by a hand and can easily turn the partner facing himself.

What it would mean: it is a pose of lovers, and from sex they are separated literally by one step. Couples which sleep in such situation not just love each other, they want each other. Still. In the morning and in the evening.

The MAN embraces a pillow, but not the woman.

the WOMAN drew in legs, holds hands near the person as if being protected.

What it would mean: this not only psychological, but also physical discrepancy. That is, everyone feels loneliness. However, if you sleep so after quarrel, in it there is nothing terrible. As a rule, in the morning you will wake up already in embraces of each other. Habit force will affect. If you sleep so constantly, it testifies to absence of spiritual unity.

Both the MAN, and the WOMAN sleep, having moved away from each other, one of partners all the time strives to crawl away beds on the half.

What it would mean: disappearance of erotic interest. You should not force events in this case, attempt to reduce a distance or to nestle, let us assume, on sleeping, causes only negative reaction: can kick or dump on a floor. Without evil intention, certainly.

The MAN lies on a back, embracing the woman for shoulders.

the WOMAN was curtailed nearby, having buried it in a breast.

What it would mean: such provision confirms dependence from each other that is a sure sign of the close relations and emotional unity. One partner nestles on another - him easy to talk and kiss.

The WOMAN lies a back to the man.

the MAN embraces the partner, her hand lies on his hand.

What it would mean: identical position of bodies speaks about proximity at all levels. Full contact of bodies demonstrates that to partners it is easy and cozy with each other. They do not need to look in the face each other any more, they are sure of the love.

Both the MAN, and the WOMAN sleep, pressing a pillow to a breast.

What it would mean: a strong indication of the dissatisfaction with the available partner flowing in desire to find another.

Both the MAN, and the WOMAN sleep, having extended a hand.

What it would mean: the hidden intention to crash out from captivity, in a pampas, far away from family routine.

It is esteemed, we will look. If there are problems, then will not become reserved and we will talk with each other. Yes? You love each other, be happy.