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How to help to choose a way to the children? Whether

Often you reflected, than actually there live your children? What is tested by them, since morning being going to school, preparing lessons since evening, going outside to take a walk going for training in sports school or on rehearsal in musical, or just staying at home to read the book or to play the computer?

Whether you know as at school where your child studies, distribute pupils on classes, gradually to the 10th class forming ashka beshka landmarks ? Forming communities of those who will be allegedly successful also those to whom as if nothing shines. For example, at school from which my sister last year, in " graduated; And a class all medallists, children of staff of school, brothers and sisters of those who got class earlier were brought together. But on a final holiday everything rose on the places. Yes, progress ashka was out of competition. But I saw how solid it was B a class, after three years of work with young men and girls which I conduct and now it is difficult not to notice. Yes, was not " there; given pupils, but it was the real collective where all were the friend for the friend the mountain. And this winter everything became clear finally when on meeting of the class And which was organized by my sister with the girlfriend the schoolmate, after long coordination only my little sister and that schoolmate came . And that class beshka regularly meets, almost in full strength. Many of you, reading these lines, will see themselves.

There is a reasonable question what to choose to us for the children. High standard of knowledge? Physical training? Ability to work in collective? What to rely on? How to guess that the success in this life will bring to them?

And here I want to try to make several simple sentences, having studied which, I hope, you will be able to be defined with true strategy.

1. Do not insist on that the child went on your feet and tried to realize what did not leave at you. Let`s the child try different types, activity, but be not fond. Gradually explain all pluses and minuses of various kinds of activity and help to make correct (according to the child, but not to yours) the choice to your child.

2. Show interest in everything, than your child is busy. at the same time soberly and objectively estimate achievements of your child in the thoughts and do not allow categorical estimates in communication with it (both positive, and negative). The sober assessment will allow you to direct the son or the daughter, but not to force!

3. You do not seek to make the child technician or humanist . In the modern world the set of the interesting projects allowing to see versatility of the world in an interesting form and to broaden the horizons exists. It and reputable magazines, documentaries and transfers, the Internet - portals. Having only independently got acquainted with something interesting, your child will be able to make realized choice.

4 . Consider physical aspects of development of your child. Actually, at us is not present: Liliputians and giants thin and thick fast and slow . There is only a nature which presents everyone with something special, special and unique. Our task - only in time to see it and to help harmonious development of the child.

5. Remember that the balance in development is very important. rather successful person is not a star of sport and a platform, not a star of science, not the oligarch, not the outstanding cultural figure. First of all is a healthy and self-assured person who will be able to establish a strong family, will help the relatives, will live sure and worthy life.

I hope, my offers will help you and your children. And all yours elections after years, will be justified and will deliver you many reasons for pleasure!