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How to make a festive dinner on March 8? Advice to men!

Here the spring, and together with it and the main holiday, a holiday of our women, on March 8, day when all men of the country become attentive and sensitive also came. On the street weight hurrying, tousled, with seminormal eyes of the men who are promptly moving from shop in shop in search of a gift for the women. And here the gift is bought! Hurrah! Now there was the last stroke, flowers!

And here, with bags in hands, cake in teeth, and flowers under the arm, the stronger sex home hurries to manage to make a festive dinner. The tradition says that is prepared on March 8 by the man! Good tradition, but how to embody it if the man approaches a plate only in order that from - for a shoulder of the woman to peep what such tasty so well smells? However, now, in the 21st century at us emancipation, and men with might and main seize female specialties, including ability to clean up, iron and prepare. But not all! And here for such in whom else there lives the spirit presents men, that is those who never took in hand a broom and the iron, and especially a pan and a frying pan, my article. Let`s try to prepare a surprise for our women, without having burned at the same time kitchen, and having spent as little as possible time and forces. Especially as it is necessary also to manage to read the newspaper, and to look at soccer!

So, gifts are bought, flowers in a vase are (barely) established, cleaning is made (everything is stuffed on cases, the wife will sort then that where). And we have the most difficult, to make a dinner, it is desirable that it could be eaten, but not at once to send to a garbage can and to wait that our women will rescue a holiday, having fast bungled something tasty from those products that we did not manage to spoil. Means, we have two ways, easy (to order a dinner at the nearest restaurant) and heavy (to prepare). As real men, we do not look for easy ways, difficulties temper character! It is solved. We prepare!

In order that from the first everything turned out, we will choose the simple dishes in total giving a fine table. Salad, well what table without salad? Here everything is simple, a cucumber, tomato, paprika, greens and salt (a pinch, but not all pack). Farther more difficult, hot dish. Soup on a holiday table, of course, can be put, but it is somehow not accepted now and it is not so simple to prepare it, and we remember about soccer? Means, either meat, or fish with a garnish. Most good meat for these purposes - chicken! Why? Because it is very difficult to spoil it!

We take chicken, it is better in shop, already cut, and that so far we will understand that can be prepared and that should be thrown out, the holiday will end, and we rub with garlic, having cut it in half (do not forget to clean) and I will merge. We put in a frying pan without plastic and wooden handles, previously having poured some sunflower oil (1 - 2 tablespoons) there, and we put in the warmed oven. To make it absolutely simply, on a plate there is a special switch which regulates inclusion and switching off of an oven, we are men and with equipment as - nibud we will understand! Temperature has to be 180 degrees. So, chicken is baked, there have to pass not less than 30 minutes before we check readiness for now we are engaged in a garnish (for those who do not know is what moves together with meat, habitual potato, rice or macaroni).

To chicken rice is very good, we also will prepare it. Be not afraid, it is not so difficult especially as producers took care of us. The shop sells rice in bags, everything that we should make, it to put a pan with water on a plate (without having forgotten the last to include), to boil and lower bags in water. To cook 10 minutes. While we read the instruction on a box with rice, looked for a pan and dealt with where to pour water, our chicken already began to exude pleasant (I hope) smells. If the smell is similar on what you felt, trying to extinguish a fire on picnic, then you very long read the instruction for rice cooking. The smell has to be pleasant, similar on the fact that you felt when the similar dish was prepared by your wife. We watch what at us turned out. Chicken got a beautiful brown crust, and when piercing the fork from it emits transparent juice. All your works did not go to waste, chicken is ready. We spread it on a beautiful tray. Around we display the prepared rice. The second is ready! Hurrah! Hurrah!

Early you rejoice! There was the most difficult, festive cake! Of course, it is possible to buy in shop ready, but we are going to make a dinner with own hands, so, it is necessary to turn into the culinary specialist. But be not afraid, there is very simple recipe. Shops sell ready cake layers for cakes now, here we also will use them! There are two look, wafer and biscuit. For my recipe does not matter what you will choose. It is exclusive on your discretion.

So, we take cake layers, we buy condensed milk, we need two types, boiled and simple, and two packs of butter. To bank of condensed milk and a pack of oil we load into the mixer and properly we shake up. We spread weight in a bowl. We make the same procedure with the second can. At us two types of cream, white and brown will turn out. On one cake layer we smear with an even layer white cream and we cover with the second cake layer, from above we impose the second cream, we level a knife that the surface was equal. Cream has to be distributed evenly on all surface of our cake.

Then we take strawberry (it is possible to take frozen, but I skin better, more beautiful it turns out) and, having cut it lengthways, we spread in the form of the eight, so that at us the inscription on March 8 further turned out. We do letters of the banana cut by straws. If there was an empty seat, then it is possible by the same principle to draw a flower, using various fruit, here as your imagination will prompt. On edge of our cake it is possible to start up a side from segments of orange or tangerine. For ornament nuts, fruit, berries, chocolate, icing sugar, dried fruits, and even paper flowers or figures can be put to use.

Here also our festive dinner is ready! To have a good time. And of course the glass of good wine or champagne, a candle and your love will not prevent. Congratulations!