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Whether it is possible to receive e-mail not leaving in the Internet?

the Great number of users are concerned about economy of a traffic during the work on the Internet. Many disconnect pictures and Java of the appendix that saves a precious traffic, but does network open spaces colourless and sad. I will not be able to help to save all your traffic, but there is means to save, at least, on obtaining e-mail. Usually procedure of reading mail looks so: connection to the Internet - start of the browser - an exit to mail website (for example www. mail. ru) - input of login, the password - access to a mailbox - and respectively reading mail. Interesting and fascinatingly the family, friends to whose letters you look forward can write you all this. It can be just mailings on which you are signed, but not less interesting and long-awaited than the letter from the friend. And so behind this pleasant and not really when business concerns spam (undesirable advertizing), occupation and burns and it is imperceptible burns precious traffic. It burns down on beautiful, but in most cases useless, advertizing; on continuous loading of pages with the new letter, to return to the old letter, removal not of the desirable letter.

As to save - it is very simple! For these purposes I can advise to use the TheBat e-mail client! rather simple in development and, undoubtedly, the useful program in use. The principle of action is that at installation of the program you adjust in it connection to the Internet, you do addressing on your e-mail server (you enter the password and login) and in principle all. More detailed instructions for control can be found on your e-mail server, for example here to be the instruction for users of www. mail. ru. After this TheBat! independently it is connected and receives your mail. Due to these manipulations the considerable part of a traffic is saved, it is not necessary to you to come in the Internet and as I already spoke to look beautiful, useless and guzzling traffic advertizing. Undoubted plus it is possible to note that moment that the program can automatically finish connection after receiving mail that is extremely important for users with time access. Also when receiving new mail you see all new arrived letters that is before receiving it is possible to eliminate considerable part of spam, thereby, having lost pleasures to read doubtful offers. Besides do not forget that the majority of viruses extends through spam (NEVER RECEIVE the LETTER FROM UNKNOWN ADDRESSEES EVEN IF the SUBJECT LOOKS VERY INVITINGLY!!!) .

From functionality I want to note:

1. TheBat! it is possible to adjust in such a way that letters from the same addressee will be included in the folder allocated specially for it. Creation of separate folders will facilitate search of the necessary letters, and will also create an order in your mail.

2. Letters can be sorted by date of receipt.

3. To unpack directly from a cover.

4. It is possible to adjust templates of answers and new letters that will accelerate process of communication or work.

5. It is possible to work both at English, and in native Russian having loaded the Russian-language version.

It is only not the big list of all opportunities of the program.

I hope that by means of TheBat! your life to be facilitated, and work to accelerate. Happiness to you and good luck.