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You write verses? Who are you are a graphomaniac or the poet?

Now many write verses. Many try to publish them. Many are not published. It does not suit many. whether

But poets, many of authors? What is a graphomania? In what a difference between the poet and the graphomaniac?

we Will try to understand.

Not to be unfounded, we will define concepts and values of some words and terms connected with this subject.

We open the explanatory dictionary of Russian. We read:

1. A graphomania - a pathological addiction to writing.

2. Literature - the writing works having public, informative value.

3. Art - representing reality in images.

4. Creativity - creation new as envisioned by cultural or material values.

5. The poet - the writer, the author of poetic, poetic works.

6. Poetic - art, creative (see designations of these words above).

From everything stated the following turns out:

can call the Poet the author whose works have public or informative value, displaying reality in images. But, the most important - verses have to be new as envisioned . As we know, the picture is valuable in case it is written by the author. And here a name of the author of the copy - as if precisely she did not repeat the original - seldom whom interests

But here an ill luck - the author is confident that his verses meet all requirements, but it is not printed. Moreover, it is called the graphomaniac.

Who solves, the poet the author or the graphomaniac? How to achieve recognition and where to receive reviews of the works? Many officially recognized poets have no popularity, their works are interesting to nobody, but publish them. And such authors, for example, as Vladimir Vysotsky, officially are still not recognized, despite huge love of the whole people.

I asked to answer all these questions the anchorman Night flight on " TV channel; Culture Andrey Maximov. Here what he told:

- I agree with such opinion: if the person has a THOUGHT, and he is capable to TELL it (to express) interestingly for another and to force to think, carry away on a chain, then it has the right for life.

Graphomania or talent are defined only by one: attention of readers. At the same time, in my opinion, the number of readers is of secondary importance. More important - quality of influence.

If verses or prose can strongly influence - everything wonderfully. It is worthy. No - means, no.

Here, actually, and all. The rest as it seems to me, from the evil.

It is difficult not to agree with Andrey Markovic. But the question remains open: how to publish the works?

One - to offer the answer.

If to you refuse to publishers, editors everywhere, try to learn the reasons. Because the answer - you have not verses - does not give understanding that you do not so.

It is known that Pushkin did not graduate from the Literary institute. And Blok did not finish. And Vysotsky

But there should address that explained you your mistakes. It is important not to publish the works. It is important to inform of the thought the reader, to share that you want and you have to tell. And if you do it in a rhymed form, then such works, respectively, are designed not for all readers but only for those who love and appreciate poetry. Such readers are familiar with creativity of many authors. Therefore, they will also judge your works according to the preferences.

One likes Mayakovsky`s creativity, and another on the contrary does not perceive it, preferring Pasternak.

One likes Vysotsky (and to him all the same - he is recognized officially or not!), and another reads only to Akhmatov

But anyway if you write, then do not give up this occupation at all! Who knows, can in 50 - 70 years them and will print? Or perhaps through 5 - 10? Everything depends only on you.

Finally, having taken an opportunity, I will give a fragment from own work (I call them rhymed legends ) :

Also there is no business before recognitions

to me, the syllable

of my rhymed legends is How poetical -

Ya better to invent not a smog!

So, write and be not upset if refuse to you the publication! Try to find the reader. Be published in the Internet. Now in a network there are many literary websites where it is possible to place free of charge the works, to receive the certificate on the publication protecting your copyright, to receive reviews

Perhaps, you and there is a Great Russian poet of the 21st century?