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How to feel spring?

At last there came March! The spring will enter the legitimate rights already soon, having left us only reminders on New year, Christmas, snow and frosts which were almost not now. Soon And when it will come soon, it is known only to weather forecasters, and here what to do to other people? I will try to understand.

The task is it seems clear: it is necessary to feel spring when temperature behind a window does not even hint at it. Hard... Though is not present! What says that on the street spring? In - the first, color. Means it is necessary to clean from life all bothered and boring colors. Begin with own apartment. Psychologists claim that there are colors which lighten mood, namely - orange, lemon and brightly green. We draw a conclusion - we clean all bothered objects of boring flowers on a mezzanine and we fill the apartment in the bright color. It is possible to place vases with oranges and red apples, vitamins are necessary at all seasons of the year, but in the spring especially as the immune system of the person is weakened. The first step is taken. We make the same on a workplace, in the car, on ourselves and everywhere where you will want to create spring!

The second sign of approach of spring is clatter of female heels on pavements and, naturally, women in skirts! And under a short skirt usually at the beginning of spring there are not really harmonous legs. But we have time to correct a situation. The step of the second - to be engaged in burning of excess weight. For this purpose it is possible to register in a gym or the pool. Believe experience, it is better to do it in the company of girlfriends or friends. The competitive spirit - who how many and for how many will dump begins. Or still option to buy the cartridge and to be engaged at home. However there are a lot of reefs. We ourselves feel sorry for houses, we do not always correctly and we are engaged every other time. Therefore, the method is suitable for people with big will power and only for maintenance of result. Dear young people, this point concerns also you! Often we see a picture - there is a slender, tall girl, and behind it the bag trudges, excuse me, potatoes. You do not want to be on the place of this bag.

The body was put in order. Cleaned all superfluous, increased where it is necessary, muscles. It was necessary to emphasize beauty, for a beautiful body worthy packing is necessary, so it is time to buy new things by a new season. A step the third - analysis of clothes! Usually as happens - the case falls from things, but there is nothing to put on! That it did not occur, it is necessary to sort the things. To define what is possible and that it is already impossible or there is nothing to put on. A step the fourth - to update clothes. In many shops new collections already appeared, so it is possible to get missing already today. One BUT - it is necessary to shop intelligently that it did not turn out, as usual. For this purpose in advance decide on what you want to get and with what it can be put on.

The body is ready, the clothes it seems too are acquired, but here appearance during the winter wore out, in eyes there is no fire, skin pale, and about what on the head is created, and there is no wish to speak. The step the fifth - to descend in beauty shop. We do ourselves a new hairstyle or we change color. If it is not pleasant, hair will be in time grow. To steam of cosmetic procedures on the person - and in a sunbed. And now glance in the eyes. The spark appeared?

I draw a conclusion - not important what temperature behind a window! The main thing - on a calendar SPRING and we will feel it soul!