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In what Sverkhtsennost of free time?

The Wealth is not created in operating time!

Wealth is created by

Only in off-duty time! .

Baudot Schaffer.

Do not forget to look sometimes in the sky - to think of big money, prospects and the general strategy. You should not abuse it, but the person who never comes off routine risks not to see the woods behind trees - in 1912 Rotshildov, the richest person of that time so told one of a sort.

Free time the majority of us just kills. For some reason many people when they have free time, feel concern and begin to kill time useless (or not absolutely useful) with vanity.

People, stop! Calm down and relax... Exactly in free time, when nobody and nothing disturbs it, the person can dream.

And what such ours dreams?

of dream allow to see themselves through:





If you had two years, five years, ten years EVERYTHING!!!

And that EVERYTHING, you ask, having slightly been stunned.

A ALL that you will only wish.

your dreams are limited to nothing.

But so does not happen! - you will exclaim.

Here in it your biggest mistake! you are afraid of

! You are afraid to dream!

And dreams will push you forward on the way to udacha and progress! Small and big.

to Any udacha and any progress. In any area, in any affairs which only you can choose for yourself, in which you dream to succeed.

of dream do you. Mold as the sculptor from clay. What you present to

yourself in the dreams, such and there are you actually!

So what you dream to see yourself through:





If you had two years, five years, ten years EVERYTHING!!!

You already have everything!

Everything that is necessary for achievement of success! there is no

only dream.

of Great dream!!!

Having free time, we can do everything,

without having it - anything.

Everywhere where it is possible to avoid work - it needs to be avoided to release time for something more useful (if it is). The ideal result about which it is necessary to think and try constantly everywhere, where perhaps, to lead reality to it is when it is not necessary to do anything, and everything becomes.

And how to be with children?

should be engaged in them?

This question concerns many, not only young mothers though, I so think, them first of all. I cannot advise anything, but read attentively next lines and

do what you like to do together with your children.

Yes, it will take in 1,5 or more times more time since it is necessary to explain a lot of things,

But, what advantages!

1) your head is occupied by what it is necessary;

2) so far you explain to the child - will understand a lot of things;

3) you develop the child;

4) you will be able to give to the child part of tasks after a while and he(she) will begin to save your time.

Words I have no time for own development, I need to solve problems! tell about you everything!

Speak about your impracticality to life, inability to enjoy life, and inability to operate own life!

that you have no time to be engaged in something rather valuable.

I nevertheless sincerely hope that it is told not about you!!!

Dream! Any free minute