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How to achieve success?

We often ask ourselves this question, but we not always find on it the answer. And in general, what is success? Can do it some not dependent fate from us which has properties to appear and disappear? Or all this is our work when we set before ourselves the purposes and we reach them, knowing what we want.

Our parents already davny - explained long ago to us what is success. Here so it looks from the point of view of our careful mothers and fathers: to graduate from school with a gold medal; to enter the institute on economics department and to end it with the diploma with honors; to marry the son of the mother`s girlfriend - respectable Vasya with car, the dacha, the apartment; to get a job to work in office near the house; to give birth to the child.

The program of success since the childhood works in our heads. And we consistently and obediently embody it day by day. As a result after long years of unbearable efforts mother and the father are absolutely happy. We, their beloved children, are successful and well arranged. All are happy, all are glad for us, all … but only not we. Of course, there is Vasya and two diplomas with honors. Of course, there is a work at good office and a quite good salary. But at heart we have an emptiness. Because we perfectly know: it at all not what actually dreamed of.

Success - category individual. For someone is a salary in five thousand dollars. For someone - seven children. And nobody, except ourselves, can guess as your dream looks. And therefore it is necessary to listen to heart and to make the own choice. Perhaps, my success - to learn Portuguese? Or to learn to draw? Or to make a round-the-world trip? Anyway it is necessary to remember: the success is when you go the way.

We for hours with ecstasy abuse ourselves for misses and mistakes. And when at us something turns out, we, having looked down, nobly we declare: Yes it just like that were circumstances! or Friends prompted It to me! If not they … The Modesty, of course, decorates the person, but on the way to success altruistic manners can become an obstacle. Always it is necessary to adjust itself positively: I will try, I will be able, I will make. It is necessary though sometimes to grant to itself the right for a mistake, we cannot always do everything on five with plus. Instead of gnawing itself and to accuse of all sins, it is worth thinking: what was not enough for you for success? Perhaps, you just did not sleep today?

The person who is aimed at success has to be ready to risk and undertake heavy responsibility. Each step is an adventure. We do not know what will turn out as a result and whether it will turn out. Even when there is no chances, it is necessary to go and try! Because if not to risk, then then every day the life can be sorry about the missed opportunities. If something is impossible, it is necessary to begin anew, but not to stop!

The way to success reminds the movement on a dark labyrinth. We make the way to the touch, we turn to the right - we will come across a wall, we come back, we turn to the left - we reach a deadlock and again we come back. And time is a lot of, you will not feel all walls yet, will not fill to yourself several &hellip cones yet; Only then the necessary road, at last, will be found. We find it because we risk. If we stood still, that would not earn these cones, but also would not find a way out of a labyrinth. So if there is a wish to achieve something, it is always necessary to be ready to go va - bank!

We since the childhood were taught that there are two options of behavior: correct and wrong. And as soon as you will find the correct option, everything will be solved by itself. But life - not mathematics. And, by the way, even in mathematics not all tasks have one correct decision. We will not be able unmistakably to choose the necessary way at once. Before taking a right step, we will make hundred incorrect. And how we will treat them, depends whether we will be able to go all the way. If failure is perceived as crash, it is hardly possible to achieve success. And here if good luck is perceived as experience, let and negative, then no troubles will bring down from a way.

The main goal to which we aspire can force us to depreciate everything that it seems superfluous. We give up dances, we cease to watch the favourite soap opera, we refuse to meet friends … And in several years we try to obtain success. For example, you become the manager of restaurant with an astronomical salary. Your friends for you would be glad, and relatives were proud of your progress. There is only one but : they are absent nearby. In such situation your happiness will hardly be full. On the way to success of loss, certainly, are inevitable. But it is necessary to learn to lose and lose, without refusing the best moments of life.

Whatever our friends and parents, all the same we, and only we, masters of fate, and our future just as in advertizing, depends on us spoke.