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Who and when peddled old stuff?

that Indians were the first inhabitants who populated America perhaps, are known long ago to all. And from a school bench all of us knew that old stuff was peddled by Columbus in 1492 - m to year. However he all - was not its very first opener. It appears, Vikings managed to visit still there long before Columbus.

Lejf Eriksson (970 - 1020)

the Viking Lejf Eriksson was Norwegian on a nationality. He is considered the first European who landed in North America. At first he visited Newfoundland, and then and Canada.

It is supposed that Lejf was born in 970 - m to year in Iceland. He was Eric`s son Red the researcher and the seafarer who, in turn, was also the researcher`s son. Eric Red in due time, based two Norwegian colonies in Greenland: The western and East settlements, also gave them names. Lejf`s Krom the father had

seven sons and one daughter.

We know of family life of Lejf that he was married to the woman by the name of Torgunna and they had a son - Porkell Leyfson.

From history it is known that from Iceland Lejf moved to live to Norway. One of the reasons of such act was the strong desire of Lejf to serve the king of Norway, Olav Triggwason. At that time very many Norwegians begin to adopt Christianity. Lejf was also not an exception.

The spirit of the researcher - the seafarer already then haunted Lejf, and soon it goes to Greenland where buys the ship from Byarni Heryolfson, the same researcher - the seafarer.

Lejf goes to investigate the earth which Byarni found to the West from Greenland. Later this earth became history as Newfoundland. The saga narrates about grenlandets that Lejf with fifteen sailors onboard went along Byarni`s route, but for some reason headed a little to the north.

The first earth found by Lejf all was covered with stones of the big and small sizes. He and called it - Helluland what on is old - Norwegian means - the stone earth. Most likely, Lejf saw the island which is called " today; Baffin Island also it is located between Greenland and Canada.

The following earth seen by the seafarer had a smooth surface. Along its coast white sand beaches crept, and in depth there were woods. Lejf gave it the name - Markland that in translation means - the forest earth. Believe that it was Labrador known today.

After seafarers continued the swimming, before their eyes the third earth appeared. Here they were put ashore and built the small settlement. Seafarers were enraptured with this district. The great number of a large salmon was found in the river. As for climate, it was moderate: there was a small frost in the winter, but all the year round the green grass grew there. Vikings lived all winter there and called this earth - Vinland which is known as Newfoundland today.

Settlement The L`Anse aux Meadows

Researchers Helge Ingstad and Anna Steen found in 1960 - x years the settlement in Newfoundland which, most likely, and was founded by Lejf Eriksson. This settlement was called " later; The L`Anse aux Meadows .

Archeologists found here huts, tools and objects of use which were so characteristic of Vikings of time of Lejf Eriksson. The found settlement consisted not less than from eight houses, here too were also a workshop with a big blast furnace, and a farmyard. The biggest of the found eight houses had several rooms.

Today this settlement visits a great number of tourists from the different countries. The settlement which tells the story, that Vikings visited still here long before famous Columbus.