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Whether to take offense at a slap in the face?

Alexander of Macedon had quite strange technique of determination of the validity to service with troops. Some kind of test.

It put thrill-seekers in a row and whipped how much in vain.

On the person. Yes, on the person.

Wildness, you will tell, barbarity?

you do not hurry to make the diagnosis.

Speaking to modern medical language, it defined type of peripheral nervous system.

Turned white - a simpatikotonik. He sent them to the right rank.

Reddened - a vagotonik. Them is in left. Vagotonikov it also took

first of all in fight.


Let`s understand.

Simpatikam is not enough endurance and composure. They at first do, and then think.

At wound they have more chances to die. Vagotiki`s

- long consider and, without wasting words, do thought over. From them superfluous you will not achieve the word. And at wound they will survive and will recover quicker.

Everything put as you already guessed, in blood redistribution. And reactivity of nervous system.

There is a mass of the parameters characterizing the person.

They do not apply for universality as still the medicine does not know with what it deals, to be exact, with whom.

Still does not exist biological, psychological, physiological norm of the person.

That for one norm, for another a crisis state. And specific features are not considered by the standard diagnostics. What

has to be objective diagnostics?

The medicine in this question jumps aside from one extreme to the other.

But it is possible to dream.

In this technique key parameters which do not demand a difficult technique or superintuition of the doctor are rationally used.

Of course to be limited to receptions of the great commander now, in a century of cybernetics, nobody will be. Will not understand.

And to diagnose on an iris of the eye, to patterns of capillaries and a blood count it is quite modern, and it is not unprofitable.

And basic data as they are given since the birth and are invariable, it is possible to write down in the personal database, as in the passport.

For greater persuasiveness, I will give some more fundamental differences of simpatik from vagotonik.

U them different norm of sugar in blood.

From vagotonik will not turn out the musician, for example, but the physicist fine.

To the contrary, from a simpatik of physics useless, and the writer excellent.

U them character and form of thinking different.

The dissatisfaction with the destiny, the ruined talents, painful searches of favourite business are diseases of any society.

Ya I do not urge to thrash myself, and especially surrounding by soft parts of a body, but to consider these parameters before making fatal decisions in the life or life of the relatives, quite perhaps.

Though Why and not to begin with cotton