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How to make friends with the moray eel?

are afraid of it. It is often taken for a snake, and, as we know, too are afraid of those. Nobody loves it unless fried.

Ancient Romans so loved meat of the moray eel that they arranged special cages for these fishes. According to Pliniya, on one of the feasts arranged by the Roman patricians it was given to a table of 6000 moray eels. Whether this certificate of their gastronomic value!

In addition in old times considered that meat of moray eels quite replaces viagra which then was not yet, to it Avicenna has a certificate.

Meat of belopyatnisty, zelenokayemchaty, speckled, korotkoryly, mesh moray eels is poisonous, and it rescues them.

For some reason there is an opinion that the sting of the moray eel is poisonous. It is incorrect, no poison of the moray eel is injected, these are not snakes. But the element of truth in it nevertheless is. Teeth of moray eels are, as a rule, polluted by parts of the decaying food, and toxins of ptomaine can quite poison bitten, and infection of a wound is inevitable.

There is information that proteins of blood of moray eels are incompatible with proteins of blood of mammals and cause disintegration of red blood cells. But after thermal treatment in a food preparation time poisonous properties of meat of moray eels disappear.

What is only not told about moray eels! And everywhere they are represented artful, angry, ugly, allocated with negative epithets from all directions. Here what, for example, is written in one of bible treatises:

Still there is fish, the called moray eel. It is dirty and very nasty. When there comes spawning time, she looks for a venomous snake for copulation. Having snatched the moment when that copulation time comes, the moray eel finds it and unites to it. From - for that - that this fish is dirty among all fishes that she, having left the couple, unites to a poisonous reptile therefore it is dirty .

From - for such prejudices of moray eels not just catch, exterminate them. It is known what it leads to. Already now there were signs of violation of biological balance in the Mediterranean Sea - there was a lot of sick fish, ulova of Crustacea were reduced. Substantially prosecution of moray eels is guilty of it.

Cock-and-bull stories about moray eels are strongly exaggerated by the most part. Moray eels do not touch people if those do not touch them unless during the marriage period or teased by an unusual situation.

Actually, she attacks the person, having only mistakenly taken him for a food source or if that intrudes on its territory. Do not put a hand and a leg in crevices, and you will be saved from many troubles. Situation is complicated by the fact that moray eels perfectly mask and to run incidentally into them as easy as shelling pears.

In turn, people are often frightened, seeing as the moray eel opens wide a mouth and does a throw in their party. In overwhelming number of cases it not attack. So moray eels breathe and smell. By the way, being guided, generally by a scent, but not by sight, they do not react to the camera and flash, apart from their enemies or production.

Actually moray eels are mild. It we attribute them the feelings. It is impossible to call angry, artful and furious as much as possible careless divers do not seek to destroy a God`s creature which lives as it can at all.

Many cases when people tamed moray eels are known, could iron quietly them, lift on a surface, feed from hands, thrust hands into a mouth of moray eels and pull out from there, even without having scratched. Moreover, moray eels, having like trust to the person, nestled on it and hid the head under a mouse, including the person more reliable shelter, than rocks.

Well and what to do with chilling legends that in Ancient Rome rebellious slaves were thrown into the pool on eating up to moray eels and those, like piranhas, in several minutes left from them only bones? Alas, moray eels are not guilty of it. People are guilty. They specially trained moray eels, for months trained them on human flesh, long held half-starving, and then, entertainments for the sake of, threw in the pool of slaves. Rebellious or obedient - it is unimportant.

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