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How hunt moray eels?

the moray eel to be very boring. It conducts undercover life in crevices of rocks, underwater peshcherka or among coral reeves. The moray eel selects a shelter just such sizes to hold there entirely.

Moray eels well adapted to such life. Its extended, slippery, well-muscled body, without such excess ledges as chest fins and branchiate covers, allows to creep in the narrowest cracks.

She is the predator hunting mainly from an ambush. In the afternoon she sits in a crack and waits, but whether production will float by. At night she is more active, ventures to look for and pursue production near a nest.

And production at it - crustaceans, cephalopods and an other trifle like sea hedgehogs, sometimes - small small fishes. In bondage eats practically any food, but prefers shrimps, squids, mussels. The person does not enter its diet.

A favourite delicacy of the moray eel - octopuses. She is ready to hunt them both in the afternoon, and at night. Having caught sight of the moray eel, octopuses flee from her from all eight legs, and in horror are slaughtered into the first crack. And only that it is also necessary to the moray eel. Her colubrine body easily filters behind production. There - that also overtakes an octopus death. The moray eel slowly eats it alive, tearing off meat on pieces.

In reply octopuses apply simple tactics. They cling to the moray eel feelers closer to the head to avoid her iglopodobny teeth. It is unclear, however, for what they hope. Because it is difficult to hold the slippery moray eel. It applies improbable reception: weaves a tail in knot, pushes the head in knot and with a force protiskivat the body through itself. The octopus slips to a tail, and there it is already waited by a razinuty mouth of the bent moray eel.

It is not the only hunting cunning of the moray eel. One of its small versions - the big-nosed moray eel - applies a peculiar reception of hunting. Evolution made its nasal outgrowths similar to sedentary worms - polikht. Tempted with delicious production, on pseudo-worms small small fishes rush, and become so delicious production.

However and on the hunter there is a continuous hunting. The chief enemy of the moray eel - people. The moray eel eat. It is dried, fried, from it cook a fish soup. Meat of the Mediterranean moray eel white, gentle, moderately fat.

Judging by stories of fishermen, it is possible to catch the moray eel on a hook. And here to take it from water very difficult. The moray eel without restraint resists. Therefore the strong, steel hook of the " type is necessary; eagle beak No. 1, the steel lead connected to the main scaffold so that to prevent twisting of tackle, and a scaffold not less than 0,4 mm thick.

Fish meat or small small fishes, pieces of an octopus or a squid can serve as a bait. It is better to catch at night, near rocks or big breakwaters where there will always be cracks in which there can live moray eels. As soon as the float moves, it is necessary to cut and begin rigidly long and to vyvazhivat tiresomely.

Seeking to be released, the moray eel without restraint coils, twists around tackles and bites all she can reach. Having snared, the moray eel so furiously resists.

Hunting under water does not present any difficulties too. But there are features. Flesh at the moray eel very gentle so it often comes off about peaks. Therefore it is desirable to shoot so that peak passed along a body. Best of all in the head, behind eyes. At once after a shot the moray eel it is necessary to cut and quicker to pull out. And that will rest and will get stuck in a hole for a long time.

It is desirable to finish the hit moray eel at once. The moray eel - a being hardy, and even got on peak, even taken on the land - all the same manages to snatch the careless fisherman. Not only that the moray eel can sensitively bite, she does not departure away after a sting, and hangs on the victim as a bull terrier.

Therefore for a start substitute it for a sting a knife and cut a mouth. Cut off the head or at least go several times a knife to the head. Blood-thirsty councils, but what to do? Either you it, or she will long suffer.