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Whether bring money good luck?

Sometimes trust a coin the solution of the most important questions in our life. Heads or tails, we think of the good luck. An eagle - it is clear, a two-headed eagle. And tails - a lattice from a monogram on a reverse.

On one of legends the coin really decided once destiny of the person. During Great French Revolution of the citizen August Dupre sentenced to a head otseknoveniye on a guillotine. It was already cocked on a scaffold, it was necessary to live only a few seconds, but here the lightning struck in a spike of the nearest church, and for a moment blinded executioners. From - for the arisen alarm execution was postponed, again allocated for Dupre in prison, and in five months let out at all.

But and here coins? And the matter is that Dupre served on a mint and was the author of a stamp of a beautiful gold coin with the image of an angel. And so, by Dupre always claimed that he was rescued by this angel, the coin with the image of an angel lay at it in a pocket. Whether so it, or jailers were blinded by gloss of the gold coins taken by Dupre from a pocket, or he managed to put on a handful of coins in hands of executioners, history cannot give a certain answer.

But the legend of the coin bringing good luck was carried not only across France. The ships did not leave in swimming if the captain did not stock up at least with one happy coin. During World War II Goering`s experts received them in an award. Happy Angels became so popular that they were minted several times anew, last time let out them in 1989 of 100 francs. The image of an angel was distributed also to coins from other metals - silver, platinum and palladium.

Yes, the twentieth century attracted to production of coins new materials, not only traditional copper, silver and gold, but also cheap nickel, and expensive platinum metals. And in honor of the new millennium gold coins, similar which was not in the history yet were created. From 5 to 15 high-quality diamonds were built in a surface of each of coins. When stamping coins the unique technologies which allowed to rap out them on automatic machines without participation of human hands were used. The cost of one such miracle reaches $5000.

It should be noted that the cost of collection coins, and these coins are those, does not come within miles of the cost of metal of which they are made. The face value of a collection coin - also anything in comparison with its numismatical value. Their true value is defined by their rarity.

For example, the twenty-dollar coins removed with sunk in 1865 - m to year of the steamship Brother Johnathan send at auctions $60000 apiece. What to say yes when even on the Soviet coins devoted to century of Lenin, the price reaches $50. What to speak about exotic coins: glass, porcelain, leather and from salt. It appears, there are also such.

One of the first beginnings to invest money in coins at the beginning of the 19th century Jacob Rothschild. He disposed to buy up all coins which are available in the world as walking and not walking . Then according to its order coins sorted and collected huge collections. Sale of the first collection brought to the businessman who managed to catch good luck by a tail, one million francs of profit.

Around the world collection coins are the most preferable object for a tezavration (insertion of money for the purpose of preservation). And it is natural. It is easier and more convenient to store them, than pictures, they are stronger, than brands. They are not subject to inflation, as a rule, they are not in use. And, besides, as it is already told, they bring good luck. And though say that a three-copecks piece you will not buy happiness and not in money happiness but something in them all - is.