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How worshipped gold idols?

At all times people sought to decorate symbols of the ideals, the gods with precious gold. They created gold idols. And there were always other people who ruthlessly overthrew others idols and replaced them with the. However, our, Kiev Perun dumped by the prince Vladimir, only had gold, but who knows, maybe, moustaches somewhere is hidden also by tselnozoloty Perun?

A Taurus golden

the Most known symbol of wealth - the idol of the Golden Calf, according to the Old Testament, was put by Aaron upon the demand of the people concerned by Moisey`s absence, at this time speaking good luck to Yahweh on Mount Sinai. Why little bodies? Yes because the bull was a basis of welfare of ancestors of Israelis, and worship of it - echoes of an ancient cult.

However Moisey, having returned, saw in it attempt at God and at the rights, and as it is told in the Outcome, ... took little bodies which they made, and burned it on fire, and erased in ashes, and scattered on water, and allowed to drink to sons Israel .

Secret of gold horses

the Main value the Mongolian conquerors had not a bull, but a horse. Well, quite suitable cult animal. Hang Baty stole infinite amount of gold. However it is not enough to be just rich, well also to brag of what you have. Especially as it promotes strengthening of the power of the governor.

For this purpose Baty ordered to cast from gold of two horses full-scale. The weight of each horse was, by different estimates, from one and a half to eight tons. Precious horses decorated the capital of the Golden Horde - the Shed - to Bath. After death of Batyya they devolved from one khan to another kind one hundred years. So the khan Mamay took control of them.

After death of Mamaya in 1380 - m to year, with it in a grave lowered one of gold horses. Where there is a grave of Mamaya - it is known, but here the horse from it completely disappeared. Speak, Timur`s soldiers who at the end of the 14th century ruined the capital of Mongols laid a hand to it.

Other horse after one of uncountable skirmishes got to group of the Russian soldiers. The impudence should not have remained unpunished, and ordynets were started up in a pursuit. The thieves burdened with a massive trophy hid it at the bottom of some small river, and gave battle to persecutors. But, alas, happiness is changeable, and the Russian soldiers all died. Where now gold horses and whether there were they actually? Who knows?

A divine phallus to What people only do not worship


Tell that in immemorial times the governor of Egypt Ptolemaeus Filadelf ordered to make the phallus from pure gold which is richly decorated and topped with gold crowns. It had in length of 120 elbows and 6 elbows in a grasp (respectively, 60 and 3 meters). This unprecedented miracle was carried in the gold chariot by thousands of bulls, and the amazed crowd did to this symbol acceptable honors.

You store gold in goddesses

Aspiration to ego-trip, and at the same time and to get into favor of heaven, induced to cast from gold not just statues of gods, and very big statues. The legendary queen of Assyria Semiramis at the time of whom as it is considered, one of seven wonders of the world was created - hanging gardens, also suffered from a gigantomania.

One of the statues created on her order was about 12 meters high and weighed one thousand talents (about 30 tons). The statue of the goddess Rhea was even more impressive. The goddess sat on a throne on which parties there were two golden lions. According to the legend the weight of a statue made eight thousand talents of pure gold (nearly 250 tons).

Generally, it is a magnificent way of storage of gold. Such weight and today it is not simple to get moving forward not that to steal.

The disguised Buddha

I gold really perfectly remained in monoliths, sometimes for centuries.

For example, near the capital of Thailand - Bangkok, the enormous statue of Buddha stood for centuries. Somehow it was decided to transfer to other place. Despite the taken precautionary measures, it was not succeeded to keep a statue whole. When carrying the stone monument burst, and in the depth of the formed crack metal flashed.

When stone facing was removed, attendees saw Buddha from pure gold weighing more than 5 t. Later scientists defined that age of a statue not less than seven hundred years (by the way, Bangkok is much younger, it is based in the 16th century). Perhaps, in bad years Buddha`s owners hid gold in a stone, and again to undress it did not happen to them. How not to remember Koreyko`s weights stolen by Panikovsky!