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What is the butter?

First of all, we will define that such butter and what is margarine. Butter was done from time immemorial by knocking down of cream. And now it is made from cow`s milk. Therefore oil represents a thin emulsion of milk fat and serum. And, impurity of any other fats are not allowed. Fat in oil not less than 70%.

Fat content of margarine from 40 to 90%. Margarine is made of animal fats vegetable (less often) by processing of the last hydrogen. Under the influence of special catalysts hydrogen does liquid fats firm.

The alarm is caused that at such processing can be formed so-called, transisomers, and they, in turn increase risk of oncological diseases. Though while it definitely is not proved. Therefore in the world nobody refuses margarine anywhere. However everywhere in the world rigid control over the content of these transisomers in production is established. Everywhere, but not at us.

In soft oils fat too mainly a phytogenesis. As a rule, it is not treated to hydrogen action. Just fat is carefully emulsified in water, than try to obtain more - less firm consistence. Though there are grades of the soft oil created on the basis of typical margarine, for example, notorious Frame .

Fat in soft oils of 40 - 70%. Therefore to fry on them as well as on margarine with the content of fat less than 70% are not necessary - nothing will turn out. If so goes further, Vilaribo and Vilabadzho`s all problems will be solved: after such low-fat oil the dishes should not be washed special means, will be to throw cold water it enough. However, there are also oils with the increased content of fat, for frying.

Bread is a pleasure to butter soft oil on. Abroad such products are called in spreads - namazkam. But to us - that why to get used to new terms? We drink coffee drinks in which there is no coffee at all, teas not from tea, and beer without alcohol? So why not to consume also soft oil? In - the first, it is well smeared. In - the second, it is tasty. Because it is stuffed with the flavoring additives and fragrances impacting it a smell and relish of the real oil.

You against such additives? So they are also in natural butter. They are entered practically into all products now. And the smell of fresh butter is reproduced the same as frosty freshness Tayda . What now to refuse food? Or to pass to a subsistence economy?

You consider that it is better to buy oil on a market? But it does not pass microbiological control and then, to you with a lovely smile easily can flog the same substitute - the cheap substitute which is bought up it is unknown at whom. Another matter to put structure and quantity of additives under rigid control. Here what it is necessary to demand, but not replacements of the name. And oil call both fast, and lubricating oil. Too to rename them?

In - the third, many of these additives are simply useful. For example, vitamins which enter into soft oil in a large number. But the most important advantage of oils from vegetable raw materials - in them is not present or few cholesterol, so, there is a chance to reduce risk of a disease of coronary heart disease and, respectively, a heart attack and a stroke.