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How to get rid of a hangover?

Many of us faced and probably, also more than once will face a problem of a hungover syndrome. It is not really pleasant thing, especially if at the same time day is loaded by some affairs, not to mention work.

All are subject to a hangover in a varying degree, but at someone it is expressed in a look dry trees and someone turns inside out and strongly the head perceiving a foliage rustle as storm noise hurts.

How to be?.

The earlier measures for prevention of a hangover are taken, the symptoms are weaker. Them can even not be in general. So, if the feast is planned, then it is better for two - three hours to accept a small dose (50, at most 100 grams) of strong alcoholic drink (vodka or cognac). It will strengthen production of the enzymes neutralizing alcohol and will allow you to get drunk not so quickly.

It is better not to lower degree that is true, it is right. The matter is that low alcohol drinks are not so hostilely perceived by an organism and if they also aerated, then are acquired instantly. Vodka, whisky, cognac and other one-thermometers go longer, but also beat more strong. You represent what can be if the drunk just sparkling comes running to the vodka drunk an hour ago to the aid?. Unfortunately, this feeling is familiar to me - you understand that control is lost in the eyes, try to cheer up, and to you it is worse and worse.

It is quite good to have a snack too. BUT greasy food is not really good idea. Really, walls of interiors are greased with fat and alcohol will not so quickly be acquired, but from it desires to drink still can amplify, and, above all - all undigested goes straight to a liver and strikes it a crushing blow. The fat snack can help if you know that you should drink, say, 300 grams, but at the same time want to keep sobriety. In general, as at alcoholism we get poisoning, in snack there should not be many fats and proteins. An optimum table - cucumbers, a kartoshechka, bread, low-fat meat is possible. the Small remark - the more hard liquors you drink

, the it is less from them than harm.

Now most important. After a libation I recommend to drink so much water how many will get. Yes, against the stop. Also go to sleep. If to you for work tomorrow, then deliver an alarm clock on an hour EARLIER. You will wake up easily and will go to a toilet... notice, no headache will exist because the organism received enough water to dissolve all products of oxidation of alcohol to safe concentration. Drink

as much again water and have a rest an hour...

If for work is not necessary - the same, but even without alarm clock.

By itself, alcoholic poisoning is first of all poisoning. And for health you should not hold, sorry, emetic reflexes. But it is better to do it not in the face of people around.

If you were so cheerful that was forgotten about water, then next morning can be worse.

is 2 ways Here - to drink still or to be treated. to

If to drink still - it helps a little, but can end with hard drinking. Alcohol normalizes pressure and to you can become so good what will want to be drunk still, and here and before hard drinking nearby!

passes Treatment not so cheerfully, but nevertheless if there is an appetite, then it is better to eat porridge or a piece of bread. And then tea, vitamin C - about 20 dragees, and also amber acid (2 - 3 tablets) and glyutaminovy acid.

If in a stomach a disorder, then as well as always - 5 - 6 tabetok of absorbent carbon.

And in general - it is better for poor creatures not to get drunk and give advice from outside.

of Good luck!