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What the urolithic illness at cats threatens with: how to avoid it or to treat?

While our favourite pets playfully run on the house, purr, caress, diligently elicit delicacies, it is difficult to imagine that these little living beings just as people, unexpectedly and unexpectedly can suddenly get sick.

Often it seems to us that there is nothing difficult in feeding, giving to drink, caressing the favourite. Purity, healthy nutrition and kindness - that`s all that it is necessary for them, - quite so think many owners. I too so counted up to certain time, at mine " so far; British frightening symptoms of an urolithic illness were not shown. In practice you are convinced that additional knowledge never happens superfluous...

How this artful illness is shown?

1. At a cat the mocheotdeleniye suddenly stops. Despite all attempts, she unsuccessfully accepts various poses, worries, mews.

2. The stomach increases in sizes, becomes dense (to notice it at once can be difficult, but if to feel, then it is possible to be convinced of wrong).

3. By the end of days or already next morning the cat begins to groan, becomes motionless, hides in a corner, cannot climb up independently on habitual for it height (a chair, a chair, a table etc.) earlier .


1. Injuries of bones of a basin, spinal cord, inflammatory diseases, tumors of urinogenital bodies etc.

2. Anatomic and physiological features (long, thin, curved urethra). Besides, it is necessary to remember that often the castrated cats become victims of an urolithic illness (it is necessary to watch over health of your such pet more carefully).

3. It becomes most frequent the urine delay reason obstruction of an urethra stones and slime. Their education happens from - for dysfunction of kidneys and inflammatory diseases, change of composition of urine results.

4. Excessive weight is the contributing factor to development of an urolithic illness. Though both floors are equally subject to its development, but the complicated urination most often arises at cats (from - for anatomic features of a structure of an urethra).

5. Improper feeding (feeding of a cat fish, crude meat, and also cheap dry feeds). I will specify that only specialized forages are permissible: for example, can (Gurmet, Hills, Vaska, etc.), and also the dry feed differentiated on age and features of a cat (Propak, Royal Kanin of K34, Hills, the Interior etc.) . For the Scottish lop-eared and British kittens it is desirable to use natural forages which do not contain a large amount of calcium.


according to experts, the urolithic illness is one of the most widespread and very difficult today. The biggest trouble is that this harmful the illness at first can recede, and through some time will have an effect again. The urine delay in an organism of a cat leads to dysfunction of kidneys, hypostasis of a brain and cardiac arrest. It is very frequent First aid is not possible to rescue an animal, unfortunately,


1. If your pet was comprehended by such fate, then the first, than you can help him is to give to a cat calming, a papaverine or but - to a shp (the dose of a preparation depends on animal weight).

2. Further it is necessary to put a warm hot-water bottle on a crotch and a bottom of a stomach. Do not try to mass independently a painful bladder at all not to injure it.

4. As soon as possible the animal needs to be shown to the veterinarian. Only the doctor can correctly make the diagnosis, to appoint special preparations, to make recommendations, to provide medical care necessary for it.

5. In a vetklinik to your pet will carry out a bladder kateterization. Previously will make an anesthesia, will give sleeping pill. Sometimes, in the most started cases, it is necessary to resort to surgery.

5. To a kateterization and through some time after it the expert will make ultrasonography, will make the exact diagnosis, will call true causes of illness, will prescribe medicine and will appoint their dosage.

Treatment and prevention

In each case treatment is selected individually, the sex, age, a species of an animal, extent of defeat, existence of associated diseases is considered, and detailed diagnostics is obligatory. Further two times a year (obligatory in the spring and in the fall!) your pet will need to be propoit a special preventive preparation (usually appoint Kotervin ). Its smell something reminds a valerian therefore cats without special resistance drink medicine (1,5 - 2 cubes a day during 2 - x weeks). And still I can advise a remarkable folk remedy which is appointed to both people, and animals, is a grass of an erva woolly (other name - a floor - fell ) . The grass needs to be made in a saucepan, to filter and give to drink to the pet as often as possible (to give 2 - 4 cubes). Besides, from now on and always it is necessary to monitor carefully food moustached - striped to avoid all undesirable consequences.

With what to feed? The food has to be freshen!

needs to be excluded From a diet of a cat: in the raw fish, chicken, a turkey, eggs, pork and mutton since they contain a large amount of mineral substances which provoke an urolithic illness. And also canned food (except special cat`s), sausages, caviar, forages of the " type; a Wiskas - friskas and numerous others. And besides, all sour, sharp, salty, fat, sweet, that is any products which are sharply influencing work of a liver.

A disputed issue - milk (there is no definite answer of rather this product). And here the bowl with clear water always has to stand in the allocated place irrespective of, the cat wants to drink or not. Water should be changed at least once a day (boiled, room temperature).

Health to you and your pets! Be not ill!