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What needs to be remembered upon purchase of footwear?

Here and spring! Very soon we will clean the cloyed winter boots where - nibud it is far in a case, and before it it is necessary to buy new. Each of us shops, proceeding from the financial opportunities. Someone puts on only in boutiques, money is enough for others only for doing shopping in the market, the third are able to afford shopping in shops, but sometimes circumstances force to drop in also on the markets. Unfortunately, it is possible to run into fakes everywhere, even in decent departments, from them very few people are insured!

Shops and the markets Buying by

footwear in the market, the buyer is protected less: at all not because the law does not act on the market. It is more difficult to call just market dealers to order. As a rule, the seller refers to the owner whom with all questions and it is necessary to address. Here only to find this owner on the place, to meet it and to understand in the circumstances, it is quite problematic. And still there is it that, having bought footwear and having returned on the market after a while, you can just not recognize the seller (you never know there similar uncles and aunties ) or it is even worse - the seller simply not to find (moved down from this place, took day off, ached and you never know ). The shop can be considered reliable if it is not the first day on this place and has decent reputation.

Not mo - about - oyo it

cases when you bought boots, shoes etc. Happen, came home, measured them in front of the mirror and understood that they got excited: the footwear does not approach by the size, color, a style or still dosadny, the handbag does not look with a new pair of shoes, and there is no money for another, and will not appear yet. What to do? How to be? You should not cry; to abuse very kind shop assistant who paid ten compliments to your harmonous legs; to reproach the girlfriend who while you tried on an obuvka, lovely smiled to the stranger passing by, and the most important - to spend your precious nerves! According to St. 25 Laws on consumer protection, during 14 - ti days from the date of purchase you have the right to ask the seller about replacement of goods and if it is unavailable, then to demand a refund. Provided that you did not sport in new things down the street at all and did not flaunt in them before fight - the friend, even sitting on forward sitting of the pure car. If you carefully wipe footwear with a rag and will tearfully ask the seller to believe yours honest pioneer with worn footwear this number will pass. Besides, at return (if the trade dress, labels, packing is kept), it is necessary to formulate accurately the reason of discontent with footwear and to show the cash-memo. If the seller has nothing to offer in an exchange, will return you money.

A warranty period

As a rule, sellers establish term - at best 30 days. Unfortunately, is also such which give a guarantee for 7 - 10 days, and even it is less. Before laying out money for purchase, it is necessary to learn duration of a warranty period is some kind of characteristic of goods too, and it is worth being guided by it. If you bought footwear, and then found marriage, at the same time the warranty period did not leave, then according to article 18 of the Law on consumer protection, you have the right: refund, replacement of goods, its repair or proportional reduction of the price. Terms of implementation of these requirements differ: on a refund 10 days, on replacement of goods - are given 1 week, additional quality check - 20 more days, repair has to be carried out immediately or by agreement between the consumer and the seller. If terms are not observed, you have the right for each day of delay to demand penalty (of 1 percent from goods cost).

Scary word examination

When existence of factory defect that is called is available, the conscientious seller returns money or exchanges goods (at the choice of the buyer). If the warranty period of goods did not expire, and the seller doubts a defect origin, then he carries out expertize. At the same time the seller has to accept footwear from the buyer, address to the expert organization, notify the consumer on terms and a venue of examination. In turn, the consumer has the right to be present during her carrying out. If professionals prove a factory shortcoming, money will return to you. And here, if a case, alas, not in your advantage, then not only refuse to you all requirements, but also will force to pay the seller for examination.

It is only the highlights which it is necessary to know and remember upon purchase of footwear. Meanwhile, experts emphasize that they often cause bewilderment and questions in consumers.

Several simple truth

1. The universal sign on a label - a contour of a skin of an animal is applied to designation of genuine leather. Artificial materials are designated rombiky. The footwear from the pressed skin will cost cheaper on average for one thousand rubles, but the leather scraps applied on glue will not be compared on quality to genuine leather. If you doubt that it actually, is better to refrain from purchase.

2. Genuine leather is thicker artificial, and it is characteristic smells. If you do not trust the sense of smell, then at first smell that footwear of which naturalness you are sure. If the footwear from suede attracted - run a hand over a surface: pile deviated, color of a boot exchanged a little - before you a product from natural suede.

3. Pay attention to a box. Solid firms - producers do not stint worthy packing.

4. The sole of footwear has to be from synthetic materials - leather wears out quicker and it does not suit for wet weather. Besides, it has to be densely pasted. Ask the seller to bend a boot in half - from it nothing happens to good footwear.

5. If in footwear there is a pull-out insole - it will allow to air footwear, to dry and change insoles.

6. Socks and backs have to be condensed. Pay attention to stability of a heel. At contact with a plain surface the heel has to adjoin densely to it, and the sock - to rise from a floor by 5 - 7 millimeters. Internal details have to be ideally pasted and pristrochena.

7. Never buy close footwear: over time, it, perhaps, is also carried, but this time can last all season. It is better to try on footwear at the end of the day when your legs swell and have the maximum size.

Successful to you purchases! Let your legs will be beautiful, and footwear comfortable and qualitative!